Friday, February 14, 2020

Saying ‘Thank you’ to Cookie Customers

Saying ‘Thank you’ to Cookie Customers

There's more to Girl Scout Cookies than what is in the cookie package! When your Girl Scout sells Girl Scout Cookies, they’re learning skills which can be used in business and in everyday life. Whether she is interacting with past customers or new ones, make sure she practices good customer service! For example, when a Girl Scout says “thank you” to her cookie customers, she is learning about business ethics, communication skills, and how to be professional and polite. Saying thank you is so important! By saying thank you, you show how much you value them helping you reach your goals.

Here are some unique ways that our Girl Scouts say thank you to their cookie customers.

Sarah from troop 2232 and Emily from troop 2531 show their neighbors, family, and friends that they appreciate their support during cookie season by placing fulfilled orders in a hand crafted paper bag that includes a thank you note and a business card. The note includes a copy of the original order. This reminds customers what was purchased, how much money is owed, and tells them how to order more cookies if they’re looking for one more box...or case of Girl Scout Cookies. 

What better way for GSNC’s Robotics teams to say “thank you” than with the robot that they designed and built? These Girl Scouts put thank you stickers on the cookie packages and presented the boxes using their robot. Cool, right?

Troop 1335 says thank you to their cookie customers by making and giving out SWAPS (Special Whatchamacallits Affectionately Pinned Somewhere). Check out this glass of milk SWAP, which of course, pairs perfectly with Girl Scout Cookies.

And of course, you can always say thank you by spelling out a big “THANK YOU” using packages of Girl Scout Cookies, just like London, a Girl Scout Daisy from troop 3217. You can then take a picture of your message and share it with all of your Cookie Customers via email or social media.

How do you say “thank you” to your cookie customers? Share with us on Facebook and Instagram.

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