Friday, January 6, 2017

Tricks of the Girl Scout Cookie Selling Trade

By: Isabella I, Troop 2185
Every year, I sell a lot of Girl Scout Cookies. The number one question I get is “how”? First, I look at the number of Cookies I sold the previous year. Then I add to that number, and that creates my goal. During Cookie season I dedicate all my free time to selling. I wear Cookie costumes. They aren’t only a cute sales tactic, but an extra layer of warmth. I ask everyone that passes if they would like to buy Cookies or make a donation. Selling takes a lot of dedication and perseverance not only because of the freezing temperatures, but because a lot of people say “no” when they are asked. Being able to accept rejection is a skill that I have learned through the Cookie Program. Another skill I have become a pro at is staying warm in freezing temperatures. Now some of the secrets to Cookie selling have been uncovered!
While selling Cookies is hard work, it really pays off in the end. This year, I earned a trip, with my mom, to Washington D.C. We went to the Spy Museum, and the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History. We also got a tour of the US Capitol building. I was even able to take a picture with a portrait of Juliette Low in the National Portrait Gallery. One night we took a trolley tour that brought us to a bunch of the national monuments. It was so much fun! The last day we spent a lot of time at the Smithsonian National Zoo. My mom and I got to see the pandas. They are very cute. After that, we walked across the street and got snacks at this really awesome nut-free bakery called Baked by Yael. I enjoyed the whole trip but out of everything, I really enjoyed the zoo and the Spy Experience at the Spy Museum. I would definitely suggest for others to take a trip to Washington D.C.! I can’t wait to see what this year’s 4000 box reward is!