How to Plan Investiture and Rededication Ceremonies

  Tips from Investiture and Re-dedication Podcast Episode with Troop Leader Rose Cunanan Ceremonies are a wonderful opportunity for Girl Scouts to celebrate special moments and accomplishments throughout the year and express themselves in so many ways! Investiture and Re-dedication Ceremonies typically occur most in the beginning of a new Girl Scout year. Investiture ceremonies welcomes new members into the Girl Scout family for the first time. So, if you have a brand new troop, an investiture ceremony should be held to officially welcome them into the movement. Anytime thereafter, if new members join your troop, you would host an investiture for them as well. An investiture ceremony itself doesn’t need to be formal or elaborate; in fact, it has only three requirements. New members must: • Recite the Girl Scout Promise, either individually or as a group. • Receive the appropriate membership pin—the Girl Scout Daisy pin, Girl Scout Brownie  pin, or Traditional Membership pin, depending

Girl Scout Ceremonies

With the start of the new Girl Scout year upon us, you may be asking yourself “what is a Girl Scout ceremony, and why are they important?” Girl Scout ceremonies are used to recognize accomplishments, special events, or to signify the beginning or end of a meeting. It is a way to express ideals of the Girl Scout movement, friendship, patriotism, and service. There are two ceremonies in particular that you may already be accustomed to, but let’s touch base on them anyway.  Opening and closing ceremonies take place at every Girl Scout meeting. They signify an official beginning and end to a meeting and therefore provide structure, which is especially helpful and important for the Daisy, Brownie, and Junior Level Girl Scouts.  A typical opening ceremony is concise and simple. A flag ceremony and reciting of the Girl Scout Promise and Law are usually always included. You can also include reciting a poem, or singing a song to the opening ceremony to make it feel more your own. It’s important

How to Plan for the New Girl Scout Year: New Troop Year Tips Podcast

  How to Plan for the New Girl Scout Year: New Troop Year Tips Podcast  with, Troop Leader Heidi Donofrio Getting back into the swing of things for a new troop year can be overwhelming. We’re here to support you, Girl Scout volunteers, to help make the planning process easier! In our New Troop Year Tips podcast episode, GSNC Brownie Troop Leader Heidi Donofrio joins staff member and podcast host, Cathy Ciccone, to share her best how-to tips, to ensure troop leaders are prepared for the start of a new Girl Scout year. Here’s all of the valuable resources she shares (with links), so you don’t waste your time googling! P.S. Be sure to read to the end to find out the most important lessons Heidi has learned to date as a troop leader. Building a strong foundation within co-leaders and troop parents: ·         Maintain constant communication, using what works for you! This could be through text, email, an app like “ Band ,” or with virtual or in-person meetings to stay on the s

Mags&Munchies is Back!

  Mags&Munchies Program 2023  by Mona Naqvi, Director of Product Programs, Girl Scouts of Nassau County You know about the Girl Scout Cookie Program, but do you know about GSNC’s Fall Product Program – Mags&Munchies? Like the Cookie Program, Mags&Munchies is a financial literacy program that allows girls to be entrepreneurs, offering family and friends the opportunity to purchase delicious nuts, snacks, chocolates, magazines, and more—right in time for the holiday season!   This skill-building program supports our community’s youngest female entrepreneurs as they continue to make meaningful contributions to their communities and develop the tools to become leaders. Girl Scouts practice the five key entrepreneurial leadership skills—Goal Setting, Decision Making, People Skills, Money Management, and Business Ethics—before the Girl Scout Cookie season begins. Not only is Mags&Munchies easy and fun, but girls also have the opportunity to earn magical rewards a

Fall Back Into Girl Scouts - A New Troop Season Awaits!

 5 Ideas to Keep Planning Girl-Led Girl Scouts shape their experience by asking questions, sharing ideas, and using their imaginations. As a leader, allow girls to take an active role in making decisions and choosing activities, while providing guidance that is appropriate to the age of the girls.  When girls step up and take ownership of their decisions, they develop new skills and grow into empowered, confident leaders. All levels of Girl Scouts can be girl-led! How much responsibility varies based on the age of the girls. It is just as crucial that Daisy Girl Scouts get the chance to lead as it is for Junior Girl Scouts, it is just going to look different. Here are 5 ways troops can incorporate girl-led activities: Hold a Braining Storming Session: To start a brainstorming session, ask the Girl Scouts, “what do you like to do?” Write their answers on a dry erase board or blackboard. Talk with them about how their ideas can be incorporated into the petals or badges they are earning.

Ending Your Troop Year with Council Patch Programs

If your troop follows the school calendar like many others, you may be wrapping up your troop meetings during May or June. If you are looking to incorporate fun activities into your end of the year party, but also want to offer your Girl Scouts the opportunity to earn something, we have just the right fit!    Girl Scouts of Nassau County provides Girl Scouts the chance to learn about topics that aren’t included in tradition badge work. That’s right! Our GSNC Council Patch Programs offer girls the opportunity to explore a wide range of topics from learning about Guide Dogs, self-exploration, community development, and so much more!    Listen to our May podcast episode, where we discuss how to access our over two dozen Council Patch Programs and highlight the ones that we recommend for this time of year .       The episode is live! Listen on demand, when it fits your schedule! Follow the podcast and turn on notifications, so you’ll know when new episodes are released.    Find the

Bridging Ceremonies Podcast Episode

Let’s talk about bridging! If you’re not familiar, bridging is a beloved Girl Scout tradition that honors girls’ achievements throughout the year and celebrates their “crossing the bridge” to the next Girl Scout level. Girl Scout troops hold their bridging ceremony in May or June, and some tie it to the end of the girls’ current school year. When are Girl Scouts ready to bridge? Grade 1 Daisies bridge to Brownies Grade 3 Brownies bridge to Juniors Grade 5 Juniors bridge to Cadettes Grade 8 Cadettes bridge to Seniors Grade 10 Seniors bridge to Ambassadors Grade 12 Ambassadors bridge to adults Even if your troop is not ready to bridge yet, remember, this episode will always be available for you to come back to, when you’re ready! We’ll discuss how to plan a bridging ceremony and how to keep it girl-led, who you can get involved, the insignia you’ll want to include, how to customize it to fit your troop’s needs, and resources you can use to make the planning process a breeze. D