Friday, February 19, 2021

Why Girl Scouts Should Participate in the Girl Scout Cookie Program!

The Girl Scout Cookie Program is under way. And, guess what? It’s not too late to participate!

Your Girl Scout still has time to learn important life skills, gain a ton of confidence, and find out what she is capable of. And there is more! Selling cookies also means big fun and a chance to change the world! You can help her!

  • The Girl Scout Cookie Programs funds the “fun” of Girl Scouting! A portion of the proceeds from each box goes back to her troop so the troop can plan activities, badge work, trips, and celebrations throughout the year. Plus your Girl Scout can earn Cookie Credits that can be used to go to Girl Scout Camp, buy Girl Scout merchandise, or offset her Girl Scout membership fees!
  •  Digital Cookie means your Girl Scout can start participating in the Girl Scout Cookie Program at any time and learn about e-commerce while she participates. To get started, help your Girl Scout set up her very own online store via our Digital Cookie platform. Let her personality shine by recording a video pitch and setting a goal. Next, determine who you want to share her link with. It could be family, friends, maybe even your co-workers… anyone throughout the country. Then, watch the orders come in!

  • Your Girl Scout will learn skills that will last her a lifetime including goal-setting, decision making, money management, people skills, and business ethics.

  • Girl Scout Cookies can teach your Girl Scout about giving back to her community! GSNC’s Gift of Caring program encourages girls to collect cookie donations to support essential workers and servicemen and women. 

  • Girl Scout Cookies are a family affair. A girl and her parents can work together to help her experience all that this time-honored program has to offer. Together, your family can earn the Cookie Entrepreneur Family Pin

Don’t let her miss out on all that the Girl Scouts Cookie Program has to offer!


Friday, January 15, 2021

Unboxing the 2021 Girl Scout Cookie Season Rewards for Girl Scouts of Nassau County

Did you know Girl Scouts from Nassau County who sell Girl Scout Cookies® have an opportunity to earn Cookie Rewards based on the number of packages of Girl Scout Cookies they sell through the Girl Scout Cookie Program. 

Are you wondering about this year's Girl Scout Cookie Season Rewards for Girl Scouts of Nassau County? Well, Troop 2324 got the inside scoop.Watch as they "un-box" the rewards and hear what they think about them.

For a complete listing of girl rewards, please visit: