Tuesday, June 30, 2015

2015 Girl Scout Gold Award Recipients

For almost 100 years, Girl Scouts has supported the power of a girl to make a difference in her community through the Gold Award project. The Girl Scout Gold Award is a prestigious honor and highest achievement in Girl Scouting. Girls are given the opportunity to engage with members of their communities to address an issue that they are passionate about.
Tonight, Girl Scouts of Nassau County will honor 80 girls with the Gold Award and place them among an elite group of women who continue to make a difference in the world beyond the Girl Scout experience. 

Throughout the 2014-2015 Girl Scout year these girls dedicated their time to complete their projects while developing strong community leadership skills and spreading their voice to incite change locally and globally.

These extraordinary girls are deserving of the Gold Award honor and we are proud of all their accomplishments throughout this journey. We hope this experience has inspired all our girls to continue to be passionate about their ideas and courageous to share them with their communities for years to come.

Congratulations to the 2015 Girl Scout Gold Award recipients from Nassau County!

Name Project Title
Ariana A Making Waves
Angelica B The End of Bullying Begins with You
Isabella B Archery & Fitness Club
Kaitlin B Talking History
Megan B Emergency Preparedness"Are you Ready"
Erin B A Healthy Life Begins With You
Alexa B Food Allergy Awareness
Kelly B F.A.I.R Food Allergy is Real
Elizabeth B Arms are for Hugging Not Hitting
Katharine B "A Year of Giving"
Amanda Lynn B The ''Save a Life" Project
Hannah B New Beginnings gets New Books 
Chelsea C Balanced and Healthy Eating
Meghan C Adopt a Grandparent
Olivia C Be Fit! Be Healthy! Be Strong! Cheer!
Courtney C Tennis for Tots
Claire C Sharing love  animals and people
Monika C Help the Environment! Eat Organically
Elisabeth D Understanding Others Opinions
Alexa D Field Games & Fun Fitness
Emily F Express Yourself
Lauren G Joining Generations
Julia G Orthopedic Injury Awareness, Education & Recovery Support for Children &Teenagers
Kaitlyn G Run & Fun in the Sun
Paige G  Lynbrook Guide For New Students  
Nicole G Healthy Lifestyles for Children
Jacqueline H Girl Power: Be Safe and Aware
Catherine H Stem Camp
Kimberly H Healthy Eating
MaryBeth H Ban the Tan Generation
Sarah J To Integrate Native English Learners and English Learners
Aubri J Self Defense 
Katelyn K Maximize Recycling Program in Village of Lynbrook
Julie K Don't "Bee" Afraid, Beelieve!
Megan K Girls Get Fit
Mary Catherine K "Crafting Old to New: Re-energizing for LI Fair
Shannon K The Rewards of Learning How to Garden
Baylee K Artists with Smiles
Laura K Navigating the Gluten Free Life
Samantha K Scoliosis
Vidya L Focus on Abilities
Caitlin L Girls Night Out-Book Club
Katherine L St. John's Sunday School Nursery Program
Annamarie M Literacy in Nature
Krista M Remember the Fighters
Jeanette Marie M Recycle Takeover
Melissa M Advocating for Veterans
Michelle M Transitions from Elementary to Middle School
Tazim M Teen Tutor Infrastructure
Margaret M Raising Bone Marrow Awareness in Under-served Populations
Nikoleta M Improvisation Workshop
Nicole N Calvary Website
Danielle N Action for Angela
Annie C College Basics
Haroulla P Stand Up! To Defend Yourself
Emma P I Hope You'll Dance
Julia P To Increase Student' Interest & Proficiency in Mathematics
Jessica P Together We Stand
Meghana R Crossing Barriers
Samantha R Cleaner & Greener- Baby Steps to A Chemical Free Family
Lindsay R A Start in Art
Carmen S Dating Violence Among Teens
Emily S Giving Knowledge to At-Risk Youth
Emma S Getting Girls into the Game
Samantha S A Chance to Dance
Lauren S GCHS Speech and Debate Team
Tatyanna S Is Your Pet Prepared?
Amber S A Day in the Life Of
Francesca S What's your Happy Medium
Jamie S Signing as a 2nd Language
Emma S Eating Disorder Awareness
Gabriella T Intro to Theater and Costume Room Renovation
Rebecca T Habitats on Long Is. Education through Murals
Julia V Be a Better You
Kaitlyn V The Spirit of Red White & Blue
Diani W Veggies vs Obesity
Kate W Erase the Waste
Rose Z Empower Girl's Health Workshop
Katherine Z Looking at the Glass Half Full
Janelle Z Preserving Mineola History

Friday, June 26, 2015

2015 Top Cookie Sellers

2015 Top Cookie Sellers
It was an amazing year for the Girl Scout Cookie Program in Nassau County – amazing events (were you at our Cookie Dunk or our Cookie Celebration?), amazing new Cookies, and amazing weather (in a not so good way!) All of you who participated in the Cookie Program did a great job working on your 5 Leadership skills, earning funds for your Troop, and supporting Girl Scouts of Nassau County. Special congratulations to the awesome and amazing girls listed below, who were our Council’s top sellers.

4000+ Boxes
Isabella I., Massapequa Troop 2185

2000+ Boxes
Tara P., Five Towns Troop 704
Zaria H., Roosevelt Troop 1643
Abigail P., Island Beach Troop 2052

1000+ Boxes
Alexa S., Valley Stream Troop 2073
Kaitlyn L., Baldwin Troop 2325
Maya T., Hardscrabble Troop 3166
Audrey-Rose K., Massapequa Troop 2069
Karina R., Valley Stream Troop 2495
Caterina M., Oceanside Troop 2413
Valentina F., Valley Stream Troop 2073
Krista B., W. Hempstead/Franklin Square Troop 1107
Jasmine E., W. Hempstead/Franklin Square Troop 1846
Chelsea P., Baldwin Troop 2036
Kayla J., Baldwin Troop 2255
Jacqueline H., Hicksville Troop 3680
Jaidylex L., Valley Stream Troop 2346
Aracelys L., Valley Stream Troop 2346
Alyssa E., Massapequa Troop 2246
Lauren L., Port Washington Troop 417
Faith G., Hardscrabble Troop 3289
Blair G., Valley Stream Troop 2495

Troops in Nassau County earned over $640,000 in Troop Cookie Proceeds this year.... that’s a lot of fun-tastic experiences for girls and life-changing Take Action projects for our communities!