Friday, December 15, 2017

An Altogether Awesome! Girl Scout Cookie Season awaits…

Every Girl Scout is amazing, and when we come together for fun, friendship and purpose in the Girl Scout Cookie Program® we are unstoppable!

This year, we’re celebrating the strength, value and spirt of teamwork powered by the Girl Scout Cookie Program®. As the country’s largest girl-led business, it’s a unique, hands-on way for girls to develop essential skills that will help them grow into leaders in all aspects of life. Many successful businesswomen and community leaders say they got their start selling Girl Scout Cookies.

The Cookie Program also funds your Troop’s activities, and it helps support our council’s financial assistance, girl programs, Volunteer training and facilities maintenance – including our newly renovated Service Center and our beautiful Camp Blue Bay. All proceeds stay here in Nassau County.

Best of all, our girls look forward to the Cookie Program every year because of the fun activities, exciting opportunities…and the chance to take charge. 

Monday, December 4, 2017

Welcome our new Chief Executive Officer!

The Girl Scouts of Nassau County Board of Directors is proud to announce the appointment of Randell (Rande) Marie Bynum as the new Chief Executive Officer!

Rande joins Girl Scouts of Nassau County with experience as an independent contractor working with non-profits, corporations and media entities, most recently with the PwC Charitable Foundation. Prior to her consulting work, she was the Publishing Director of Family and Community Engagement at Scholastic Inc. She was also the Senior Director, Outreach and Partnerships at Sesame Workshop where she managed all engagement activities for Sesame Workshop’s The Electric Company.

Earlier in her career, Rande was the Director, Program and Adult Development at Girl Scouts of Nassau County. She also worked at the Girl Scouts of the USA, where she was responsible for the implementation of The Dove Self-Esteem Fund corporate partnership and the development of the Girl Scout/Dove Self-Esteem Program. She is the co-author of Dove’s True You!- Sometimes I Feel Ugly and  Other Truths About Growing Up workbook for mothers and daughters. 

Rande is a third generation Girl Scout and received a Master of Social Work with a program planning, administration and research concentration from Stony Brook University. She also holds a B.A. from Binghamton University.

Friday, December 1, 2017

Girl Scout Troop 1254 and their Silver Award project

Girl Scout Troop 1254 recently received their Silver Award at the Garden City Association of Girl Scouts Awards Ceremony. Together, the girls developed programs to help shelter animals.

Ella, Mary and Deanna, created a reading program entitled “Reading to the Rescue” for Pets 4 Luv.  The girls donated a bookshelf that they personally painted with animals and bright colors to be placed at the main entrance of the center. The girls filled the bookshelf with books they collected throughout the year. The program helps young readers gain confidence as they read to a non-judgmental audience and it calms the animals and gives them the attention they need while they are waiting to be adopted.

Riley, Simran and Colleen instituted a field trip program that invites sister Girl Scouts, senior citizens and all members of the community to visit Pets 4 Luv.  Visitors are encouraged to bring much needed supplies to the shelter. The Troop visited The Bristol assisted living residence to make cat toys with the residents and spread the word that senior citizens can have an impact on the lives of shelter animals. 

Monday, October 23, 2017

A Truly Sustainable Bronze Award

Girl Scout Junior Troop 3404 of the Plainedge Association received recognition for having earned their Bronze Award. They learned the value of public service announcements while working through the Agent of Change Journey. The Troop named their project Kind Kids Count because though memories may fade; they all agreed that they remember being treated with kindness in kindergarten.  

The girls created a PSA virtual tour of their school that included everything they wish they knew when they entered kindergarten; like how to use a lunch card, playground rules and what to do when you are not feeling well. Their virtual tour was added to the school website so that new students could view it repeatedly over the summer months. It was also shown at the kindergarten parent orientation meeting. The girls also created a coloring book that depicted the kindergarten experience. A copy of the book was mailed home by Principal Thearle of Charles E. Schwarting Elementary School, to every incoming student along with a parent orientation letter. The Troop donated cloth and colorable tote bags for each student to use to carry their library books. At the annual Sailing into Kindergarten Orientation event, the girls helped new students write their names on their bag and they answered all kinds of questions.

To make their project sustainable, the girls saved their PSA virtual tour and coloring book to a flash drive and gave it to Principal Thearle for future use. The night of the award ceremony, the girls were happily surprised to be greeted by Principal Thearle who personally thanked them for their contribution to the Schwarting school community and handed them their awards on stage. She also asked them if they would like to return in August to orientate another kindergarten class. The girls did not hesitate to say yes! The PTA has approved and paid for the bags this time around and Troop 3404 is looking for a younger Troop to mentor so that their Bronze Award is not only sustainable— but is a new tradition!

Monday, October 16, 2017

Reach for the Stars

Reach for the Stars
By Madison S.

Do you find yourself staring up at the night sky wondering about the stars and the planets?

Do you love learning about the Universe and dream of becoming an astronaut? Two Senior Girl Scouts with a passion for astronomy were selected to represent Girl Scouts of Nassau County (GSNC) during a weeklong Leadership Training Summit at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Maryland. The experience was out of this world. It was a combination of lectures given by NASA’s best and brightest, hands on laboratory activities, fun and friendship.

At NASA Goddard, hundreds of scientists are making the latest discoveries each day. NASA launched a partnership with Girl Scouts of the USA to educate and excite girls about astronomy. As you can imagine, there was a lot of competition, and only 10 councils were chosen to participate in the Leadership Training at Goddard! GSNC compiled a team of four individuals, an amateur astronomer, a council representative, and two Girl Scouts. Our amateur astronomer, Sue R.’s love for astronomy was contagious, and her expertise invaluable. Without Sara S., Girl Experience Senior Manager at GSNC, our trip would not have been possible. Sara wore many hats during this trip, she was our support and guidance, go to for any questions, and reminded us to stay hydrated. Miranda and Madison were Nassau County’s Girl Scout representatives. Miranda is a student at Jericho High School with a long time interest in astrophysics. In addition to being in accelerated courses, she is a member of the Girl Scout FIRST®  Tech Challenge (FTC) Robotics Team, The Digital Darlings, and a volunteer for the younger FIRST® LEGO League (FLL) Robotics teams and at FIRST Robotics events. Madison is an honors student at Our Lady of Mercy Academy. She is a member of Media Girls, Ceremonial Unit, Girl Speak, and a volunteer for Girl Speak Junior and Scoutreach Programs. Our team was a great fit!

Our days at Goddard began with introductions and discussions about the outcomes we wanted from the program. This welcoming and friendly atmosphere set the stage for the week to come. Each morning, we heard from one of NASA’s expert scientists. Dr. Carrie Anderson discussed the Cassini Mission and the moon Titan, which are her areas of research. Dr. Nicki Viall discussed heliophysics, which is the science that focuses on Earth/Sun Interactions. Dr. Viall is currently studying temperatures in the corona of the Sun. Dr. Sten Odenwald gave an engaging discussion regarding the unanswered questions of the Universe, including Dark Matter. Ms. Kristine Romich gave a relatable talk about the internships and research programs for high school students interested in STEM.

Our week concluded with an address by Nobel Prize Winner, Dr. John Mather. His speech centered around his role cementing the Big Bang Theory and the James Webb Telescope, the successor of the Hubble Telescope. All of the speakers radiated passion and were excited to interact with the girls.

Learning by doing is an important part of all Girl Scout programs. Our interactive lab activities and tours enabled us to apply what we learned from our lectures and talks in a real-world environment. Our group created a scale model of the Solar System, made observations and inferences about a brand new planet made of Play-Dough, viewed Robotic Solar Telescope images, made cereal box spectrometers, created an H-R  Diagram, and had a Virtual Reality experience. We visited the Space Weather Action Center, Spacecraft Assembly Building, Educational Technology Lab, and Goddard Visitors Center. While touring, we were introduced to different scientists and astronomers, and learned more about the diverse career opportunities in science.

Our week at Goddard was specifically designed for us by two NASA employees, Lou Mayo and Troy Cline. Lou and Troy were there every step of the way with us during the summit, coordinating all speakers, tours, and activities. They made sure everyone felt included and had a memorable time. All of the hard work done by these individuals made it possible for GSNC to begin a local Astronomy Club! The GSNC Astronomy Club will be a series program for girls in sixth and seventh grade who are passionate about astronomy or want to learn more about this fascinating topic. Meetings, which will begin later in 2017, will consist of interactive activities, engaging presentations, fun and friendship. When more information becomes available, it will be found on

We hope to see you at our first meeting

Monday, October 2, 2017

Celebrating 10 Years of Robotics!

It’s hard to believe that GSNC girls have been competing in US First Robotic Challenges for 10 years, but we reached that milestone this past season! The program we participate in is the FIRST Program. 

In the US teams from 50 states, and worldwide teams from 80+ countries, participate in this program. FIRST combines the engineering challenge of a robotic competition with real-world problem solving and inventing. Girls who participate in GSNC’s Robotics Program, develop and expand their organizational and problem solving skills, learn teamwork and cooperation and become involved in their local and global community.  They gain hands-on experience in applying real-world math, engineering, coding and science concepts while adhering to the philosophy of “Gracious Professionalism,” exhibiting helpfulness, kindness, and respect as they work, play, and share with others.

We have had three program levels throughout the years.  We started out with the FIRST® LEGO® League FLL) level, 9-14 years old, added FIRST® LEGO® League Jr. (FLL Jr.), 6-9 years old, and when our FLL girls aged out they wanted to continue so we started a FIRST® Tech Challenge (FTC) team for high school age girls!  Through the years our teams have won numerous awards (a lot!) and have gone to the School Business Partnership of LI, Inc. (SBPLI, Inc.) Championship Tournaments, the WORLD Festival in Atlanta, GA & St. Louis, MO and the FLL US Open at LEGOLAND, FL. 

Monday, September 25, 2017

A Leaders NEED-TO-KNOW Guide for a successful Girl Scout Year

Not sure what resources you need make your year as a Troop Leader strong? Here are all of the basics to get you started:

TIP #1: Know the staff people that represent your area. Our GSNC staff is here for you! Our customer care staff are here to answer your questions. A Volunteer Experience staff person will make sure you are provided with all of the information you need including training, background checks, etc. Our Membership Engagement and Community Engagement staff will guide you with registering all of the girls in your Troop, etc. To find out which staff members are assigned to you, call 516.741.2550.

TIP #2: Know who your Service Team is. A Service Team is a group of Volunteers in your community trained to help all Leaders in an Association (group of towns that are close to each other). Your Service Team is comprised of Volunteers with many different roles to help you in your new leadership role. To find out who the members of your Service Team are call 516.741.2550.

TIP #3: Know what resources are available to you and how to plan your year. The Volunteer Resource Center (VRC) is a place where you can come to learn about various activities in which your Troop may be interested. You will learn the current Girl Scout program, different ceremonies to do with your Troop, what trips to take and much more. Plan ahead, Volunteers! If you need help planning Troop activities, such as mapping out your Girl Scout year or if you just need ideas for a meeting, book an appointment with our MVP Volunteer Resource Specialist by emailing Monday-Friday: 9am-5pm, Thursday: 9am-8pm (excluding July & Aug).

TIP #4: Explore our website and Social Media pages. Our website, has a wide range of programs available for girls to participate in, explanations of awards and patches girls can earn, our shop’s online merchandise, etc. Use our social media pages including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to keep up with what your fellow Girl Scouts are learning and doing in Girl Scouting and what your Troop can look forward to! Additionally, don’t forget about the Online Community (OLC), where registered parents, Leaders and Service Team members can access information on how to effectively plan meetings, exchange ideas and keep updated on GSNC’s current events. For any questions about our website, social media pages, or the OLC, contact 

Monday, September 11, 2017

We're Home!

We are so excited to welcome you to our newly renovated Service Center! Girl Scouts of Nassau County has waited over a year and now proudly shares some of the new features and improvements to our home.
If you have passed by 110 Ring Road West over the last year you may have noticed some of the changes. Yes, the building has been expanded; we have increased the square footage by 2400 feet. We have redesigned the main entrance and enlarged the GSNC Shop and Cookie Cupboard with their own entrances making it easier to manage a stroller or cart loaded with cookies!
We added larger windows and redesigned the entire lower floor to better serve our members. The curb appeal has been modernized with LED lighting, new signage and new awnings. The landscaping has been redesigned to accent the architectural changes and newly paved parking lot.
Inside the building you will be greeted by a bright and open design, full of vibrant colors and images. The GSNC Shop is larger and has more floor space to make your shopping experience even better.  Also redesigned is the Volunteer Resource Center with easy access from the main building and shop. The Living History collection has its own space to allow us to showcase many of the hidden treasures we have in the collection. Electronic options populate every meeting space, making them state of the art centers of learning. Don’t forget to check out the bathrooms which feature an all-in-one sink! It is very cool and will help us save on water and soap usage, as well as eliminate paper waste.
The second floor features an open concept floor plan with large windows, pops of color and streaming natural light for all to enjoy. Almost all the staff will be housed on this floor and their workspaces have been designed for maximum efficiency and takes into consideration the latest ergonomic concepts. A newly designed collaborative space encourages people to come together in a comfortable environment where creativity and teamwork can flourish.
Throughout the building you will find improvements designed to save money and help our environment.   A new HVAC system, roof and insulation ensures we will be warm in the winter and cool in the summer. 

These systems will use less energy and reduce our costs. Many of the finishes are made of recycled content, offering noise abatement and reduced maintenance.

Friday, July 28, 2017

A Letter from Donna Ceravolo

Dear Girl Scouts,

Thank you for the amazing opportunities that you have given me allowing me to live and pursue the Girl Scout Mission - for the girls in Nassau County and girls across the country. For sixteen+ years I have been blessed and privileged to serve as the Executive Director/Chief Executive Officer of Girl Scouts of Nassau County. I have truly had the very best job in the world, and I have been honored to lead alongside wonderful volunteers and smart committed staff members who share my love of Girl Scouting and who understand the potential for greatness available to any girl touched by Girl Scouts. The time has come to announce my retirement, effective the end of July. Girl Scouts of Nassau County continues to support our girls and volunteers, while offering a variety of outstanding programming at the Council level meeting the needs of our girls for STEM awareness, addressing the Critical Issues affecting their lives, and encouraging them to explore the outdoors and take meaningful action in their communities and the world. None of these accomplishments are mine alone. All of our Girl Scout work is the result of strong teamwork and cooperation among our girls, volunteers and staff. I leave with gratitude to all who have enriched my work and my life these past years as a professional Girl Scout. I am eager for the new opportunities that await all of us. I hope that our paths will cross again very soon.

Donna Ceravolo

Executive Director/CEO

Friday, July 7, 2017

GSNC Top Cookie Sellers 2017

2017 Girl Scout Cookie Program 500+ Club

Girl Scouts of Nassau County would like to thank all families who participated in the Girl Scout Cookie Program. You have given your children an opportunity to learn about goal setting, decision making, people skills, money management and business ethics, which are known as “The 5 Skills”, a key element of the Girl Scout Leadership Experience.
Congratulations to our 2017 Girl Scout Cookie Program 500+ Club

5000+ Boxes                      
Isabella I.             Massapequa Association                             

2000+ Boxes                      
Lily M.                   Bay Association
Maya T.                  Hardscrabble Association
Shayla M.               Massapequa Association
Isabella R.              Valley Stream/Five Towns Association
Jessica D.               Valley Stream/Five Towns Association
Alexa S.                 Valley Stream/Five Towns Association                  

1000+ Boxes                      
Maya V.                  Bay Association
Gia I.                      Bay Association
Charlotte P.            ELLM Association
Payton L.               ELLM Association
Jaida M.                 ELLM Association
Brooke B.              ELLM Association
Anaya E.               Elmont Association
Maggie G.            Garden City Association
Emily Z.               Garden City Association
Katie G.                Garden City Association
Kelly R.                Hardscrabble Association
Adriana B.            Hardscrabble Association
Aalana W.             Hicksville Association
Grace R.               Hicksville Association
Jillian G.              Hicksville Association
Alexandra M.       Jericho/Syosset Association
Kaitlyn  C.           Jericho/Syosset Association
Elizabeth M.        Jericho/Syosset Association
Gabriella A.         Massapequa Association
Mackenzie C.       Massapequa Association
Brooke B.            Roosevelt Association
Lauren B.            Seaford/Wantagh Association
Patsy L.              Valley Stream/Five Towns Association
Stella F.              Valley Stream/Five Towns Association
Hope C.             Valley Stream/Five Towns Association
Caroline T.         Valley Stream/Five Towns Association
Khloe G.            Valley Stream/Five Towns Association
Isabella H.         Valley Stream/Five Towns Association
Valentina F.        Valley Stream/Five Towns Association
Jocelyn C.         Valley Stream/Five Towns Association
Kayla B.            Valley Stream/Five Towns Association
Blair G.             Valley Stream/Five Towns Association
Karina R.           Valley Stream/Five Towns Association
Kaylie G.           Valley Stream/Five Towns Association
Christina R.       W.Hemp/Fr.Sq. Association
Jasmine E.         W.Hemp/Fr.Sq. Association                       
900+ Boxes                        
Kayla C.             Hardscrabble Association
Angela P.            Seaford/Wantagh Association                   
800+ Boxes                        
Jamie C.              Herricks Association
Ava C.                 Massapequa Association
Emmelia C.         Park Association
700+ Boxes                        
Ella A.                Bellmore Association
Ilyana K.             East Meadow Association
Skylar E.             East Meadow Association
Angela G.           Hardscrabble Association
Emmalee R.        Hardscrabble Association
Abigail P.            Island Beach Association
Lauren Y.            Island Beach Association
Alexia G.            Jericho/Syosset Association
Aliyah J.             Oceanside Association
Caraline S.         Valley Stream/Five Towns Association
Imani B.             Valley Stream/Five Towns Association
Aracelys L.        Valley Stream/Five Towns Association
Jaidylex L.         Valley Stream/Five Towns Association
Madsyn P.          W.Hemp/Fr.Sq. Association
Rebecca S.         WARM Association         
600+ Boxes                        
Jessica B.            Baldwin Association
Eleanor K.           Baldwin Association
Taylor Y.             Baldwin Association
Kathryn B.          Bay Association
Emma K.             Bellmore Association
Maya G.              East Meadow Association
Samantha P.         East Meadow Association
Rachel S.             East Meadow Association
Brookelynne B.   East Meadow Association
Dana K.               East Meadow Association
Pamela M.           ELLM Association
Brooke S.            Floral Park/Bellerose Association
Gwendolyn T.     Floral Park/Bellerose Association
Riya M.               Garden City Association
Stephania M.       Glen Cove Association
Anjali J.               Herricks Association
Stephanie C.        Hicksville Association
Rachel F.             Hicksville Association
Sophia M.           Island Beach Association
Lauren P.            Jericho/Syosset Association
Erin A.               Jericho/Syosset Association
Shannon R.        Manhasset Association
Samantha E.       Massapequa Association
Caterina M.        Merrick Association
Juliana T.           Merrick Association
Gia C.                Oceanside Association
Valentina K.       Oceanside Association
Kennedy T.        Roosevelt Association
Jayda H.             Roosevelt Association
Olivia F.             Seaford/Wantagh Association
Isabella S.          Seaford/Wantagh Association
Alexa M.            Seaford/Wantagh Association
Cassandra N.      Seaford/Wantagh Association
Francesca C.       Seaford/Wantagh Association
Alexandra P.       Seaford/Wantagh Association
Georgia M.         Seaford/Wantagh Association
Samantha F.       Seaford/Wantagh Association
Liliana C.           Seaford/Wantagh Association
Faith S.               Seaford/Wantagh Association
Amanda P.         The Plains Association
Shannon E.        Valley Stream/Five Towns Association
Audrey S.          Valley Stream/Five Towns Association
Emma P.            Valley Stream/Five Towns Association
Carolina F.         Valley Stream/Five Towns Association
Emily V.             Valley Stream/Five Towns Association
Noel C.               Valley Stream/Five Towns Association
Arianna G.          Valley Stream/Five Towns Association
Madison K.         Valley Stream/Five Towns Association
Krista B.             W.Hemp/Fr.Sq. Association
Eugenia A.         W.Hemp/Fr.Sq. Association
500+ Boxes                        
Chelsea P.             Baldwin Association
Gabriela L.           Baldwin Association
Evangeline R.      Bay Association
Catherine S.         Bay Association
Julia N.                Bay Association
Samantha M.       Bay Association
Genamarie K.      Bellmore Association
Alessandra L.      Bellmore Association
Megan C.            Central Park Association
Emily S.              Central Park Association
Jamie C.              East Meadow Association
Allison S.            East Meadow Association
Sevi O.                East Meadow Association
Zoey R.               East Meadow Association
Kiley G.              East Meadow Association
Mackenzie G.     East Meadow Association
Kate A.               ELLM Association
Emily C.             ELLM Association
Lyla G.                ELLM Association
Mya H.                Elmont Association
Alison G.             Floral Park/Bellerose Association
Gabriella T.          Freeport Association
Courtney F.          Garden City Association
Anjali M.             Garden City Association
Rebecca D.          Garden City Association
Alexis C.             Hardscrabble Association
Ashley T.            Hardscrabble Association
Elizabeth H.        Hardscrabble Association
Imani J.               Hempstead Association
Saige H.              Hicksville Association
Lia S.                  Hicksville Association
Brianna H.          Island Beach Association
Sophia B.            Island Beach Association
Ruby P.               Island Beach Association
Arianna B.          Manhasset Association
Eden B.               Massapequa Association
Madison G.         Merrick Association
Lauren O.            Oceanside Association
Domenica V.       Oceanside Association
Emma O.            Oceanside Association
Heather K.          Plainedge Association
Emma F.             Plainedge Association
Camille C.          Rockville Centre Association
Michaela R.        Rockville Centre Association
Jessica N.            Roosevelt Association
Madison N.         Roosevelt Association
Jordyn B.            Seaford/Wantagh Association
Alexis C.             Seaford/Wantagh Association
Cassandra S.       Seaford/Wantagh Association
Madelyn S.         Shore Association
Abigail Z.           The Plains Association
Sophia D.            The Plains Association
Isabelle D.           The Plains Association
Shayna C.            The Plains Association
Angelina G.         The Plains Association
Kirstin D.             The Plains Association
Breanna O.           The Plains Association
Destini C.             The Plains Association
Daniella P.            Valley Stream/Five Towns Association
Peta-Gail G.         Valley Stream/Five Towns Association
Maria D.               Valley Stream/Five Towns Association
Gwen S.               Valley Stream/Five Towns Association
Emma M.              Valley Stream/Five Towns Association
Isabella D.             Valley Stream/Five Towns Association
Taylor M.              Valley Stream/Five Towns Association
Madeleine V.         W.Hemp/Fr.Sq. Association
Kyla S.                   WARM Association
Aoife D.                 WARM Association
Samaiya L.             WARM Association

The Cookie Program would not be possible without the assistance of 2000+ “Cookie Support Staff” – our Troop Cookie Managers and Troop Leaders. In addition, we appreciate the dedication of our Association Volunteers: Cookie Chairs, Drop Site Coordinators, Booth Site Coordinators, Rewards Coordinators and Cupboard Managers. See the list of names to the right.
Association Cookie Volunteer
Tricia K.             Baldwin
Michelle M.        Bay
Lynn S.               Bellmore
Regina B.            Bellmore
Joanna P.             Carle Pl/Westbury
Jessica G.            Central Park
Tracy G.              Central Park
Nancy R.             East Meadow
Rhonda B.           ELLM
Jennifer M.          Elmont
Lydia B.               Floral Park
Colleen H.           Freeport
Kerry C.             Garden City
Maria C.             Glen Cove
Meewon C.         Great Neck
Betty G.              Great Neck
Carolyn B.          Hardscrabble
Khin C.               Herricks
Deborah H.         Hicksville 
Kate P.                 Island Beach
Jenny B.              Island Beach
Karissa N.           Island Beach
Fran O.                Jericho/Syosset
Maria I.               Manhasset
Suzanne M.         Massapequa
Karen D.              Massapequa
Lori D.                 Merrick
Christie V.            Oceanside
Maria V.               Oceanside
Lily C.                  Park
Marie F.                Plainedge
Lisa R.                  Port Washington
Eileen W.              Rockville Centre
June H.                 Roosevelt
Kathleen F.           Seaford/Wantagh
Kerri S.                 Seaford/Wantagh
Emilee S.              Shore
Cheryl D.              The Plains
Sonija A.              Uniondale
Jo Ann S.              V. Stream/Five Towns
Lorraine P.            V. Stream/Five Towns
Tammy M.            V. Stream/Five Towns
Helen M.               V. Stream/ Five Towns
Terry B.                W. Hempstead
Lauri T.                 

Congratulations to Our Robotics Team

As always, with much gratitude we thank the coaches and mentors for their dedication and for the example they set for the girls. Because of them, the girls had another wonderful season! Here are the results of our recently completed 2016 – 2017 season: FIRST LEGO League Junior (FLL Jr.) 6-9 years old: The Robotic Rock Stars won the OUTSTANDING TEAMWORK Award at the School Business Partnership of Long Island’s (SBPLI) FLL Jr. EXPO where the girls showcased their LEGO robot design and their research. The Science Superstars will host their own EXPO where they will present their LEGO robot design and research to family & friends. FIRST LEGO League (FLL) 9-14 years old: All of these teams competed in the SBPLI. Inc. FLL Qualifying Tournaments, here the girls showcased their LEGO robot design, their research and invention. Our four FLL teams that competed were the Soaring Rockettes, Tech Time Girls, LEGO Lovelies who won the TEAMWORK Award, and the Smart Cookies who won the STRATEGY & INNOVATION Award and Placed #3 in Robot Performance! FIRST TECH Challenge (FTC) 9-12 grades: Our rookie team, the Digital Darlings had a fun first season attending SBPLI, Inc. competitions in Syosset and Lynbrook. ALL of our teams worked hard and persevered! We congratulate them and thank them for representing Girl Scouts of Nassau County with courage, confidence and character. We are very PROUD of them all!
For additional information, please contact: Patricia A. Donohue-Brown Girl Experience STEM Manager

Friday, June 30, 2017

New Patch Program

November 2017 marks the 100-year anniversary of New York women gaining the right to vote—three years before the ratification of the 19th Amendment, which granted women nationwide the right to vote. The New York victory represented the culmination of the dedication and hard work of dozens of New York women over many years. In 2020 the Centennial of the 19th Amendment giving women the right to vote will be celebrated across the nation. This year our state is celebrating the role it played in advancing the right of women to vote. Teach your Troop about the strides women made toward the right to vote with the Centennial Women’s Suffrage in New York Girl Scout Patch Program! Reserve 1950’s Fun and Games Box from the VRC to complete step number 6 in the patch program. Reserve the kit by emailing or by following these steps:
1. Go to
2. Click on Volunteers
3. Click on Volunteer Resource Center
4. Click on VRC Materials Request Form
5. Type 1950’s Fun and Games Box in the Other Box

6. Click submit Take part in the celebration and earn this centennial patch!

Friday, June 23, 2017

Camp Blue Bay Fall Adult Weekend

SAVE THE DATE Camp Blue Bay Fall Adult Weekend “Craft, Laugh and Learn” October 13-15, 2017

Looking for something fun to do on a fall weekend? We have something very special planned for you at Camp Blue Bay! A chance to gather with adult Girl Scout friends old and new, take a walk on the beach or just enjoy relaxing outdoors. A variety of workshops are being planned for you to choose from throughout the day Saturday; some might be just for you, others will give you ideas for your Troop. Choose to arrive Friday night or Saturday morning for the weekend or join us for the day Saturday. Accommodations indoors in a Troop House or tents available on a first come, first served basis at time of registration. This event will not be offered again until Fall 2019, so be sure to put it on your calendar. 

National Young Women Of Distinction

Every year GSUSA selects ten exceptionally inspiring Girl Scout Gold Award recipients as National Young Women of Distinction (NYWOD). This honor is given to Girl Scouts whose Gold Award projects demonstrated extraordinary leadership, had a measurable and sustainable impact, and addressed a local challenge related to a national and/or global issue. These young women are taking matters into their own hands, generating much-needed change and serve as incredible examples of what it means to be a G.I.R.L. (Go-getter, Innovator, Risk-taker and Leader.)™ 
This year’s GSNC nominees are: 

Anna DiGuseppe  

Bianca Liriano 

Leila Osman

Let’s wish them the best of luck! GSUSA releases the honorees on July 1, 2017. Great News: GSUSA recently received a generous $1 million pledge from Susan Bulkeley Butler to provide academic scholarships for NYWOD over the next 10 years, this year through 2026, honorees will each receive $10,000, in addition to $5,000 from the Kappa Delta Foundation, which is once again contributing.

Did you know that currently only 4.21% of U.S. Pilots are women?

Troop 2223 recently participated in JetBlue’s “Fly Like a Girl” event. The girls learned that women can do those male dominated jobs. They spoke with female Airline Mechanics and female Pilots. What a fun and inspirational experience! Working together with the Huntington Oyster Bay Audubon Society, Cadette Troop 3570 from Syosset learned about endangered shore birds. We made signs to help protect their fragile habitats. Special thank you to Birds Unlimited in Syosset for hosting our evening!

Friday, June 16, 2017

New GSNC Program: Strike Gold!

Got an idea about a Gold Award Project? Not sure if your Gold Award project is Gold worthy? Come chat with the Gold Award Team!
You need to attend the Take Action for the Gold Award seminar and read through the Gold Standard first, so you understand what is expected in the Gold Award process. Strike Gold is not a training; it will help you develop the project idea you have. 

Here are some ways we can help you:
  • -        What is your goal?
  • -        Who can be your Project Advisor?
  • -        How do you build your team?
  • -        What’s the Global connection?
  • -        How do you sustain your project?
  • -        Will it reach 80 hours?
  • -        How do you measure the impact? 

Look for new dates on the website, under “Programs.”

Troop Clicks; Troop 917 Cookie Booth Sale at Hofstra University

Junior Troop 917 from Bellmore recently participated in a sign contest sponsored by Hofstra University and won an opportunity to have a Girl Scout Cookie Booth Sale at one of their basketball games. They had a wonderful time!

Thank You to the Nassau County Bar Association

Our friends on the Advisory Committee of the Nassau County Bar Association’s WE CARE Fund have chosen to support our Girl Scouts Where You Live (GSWYL) Program.

GSWYL makes Girl Scouting possible for girls who live in low income housing or homeless shelters to participate in Staff-led Troops; earning badges, having fun, making friends and growing in self-confidence. “This gracious donation benefits and affects the GSWYL Program significantly,” said Girl Scouts of Nassau County Executive Director and CEO Donna Ceravolo. “Girl Scouting offers amazing programs and opportunities to girls. WE CARE has made it possible to reach and offer opportunities to all girls in Hempstead.” The Nassau County Bar Association’s WE CARE Fund assists GSWYL in arranging exciting opportunities for girls; Aladdin on Broadway, roller skating, Long Island Children’s Museum sleepover, the circus, and the Liberty Science Museum. GSWYL makes it possible to deliver activities in or near home or neighboring schools to allow for participation without concerns such as a lack of transportation, resources, or volunteers. In addition, GSWYL works to provide games and special holiday projects designed to be completed in one session because living situations are often temporary. The Nassau County Bar Association was founded in 1899 and is a not-for-profit professional membership association for attorneys. The WE CARE Fund is the nationally recognized charitable arm of the Nassau County Bar Association. Its mission is to distribute charitable grants to improve the quality of life for children, the elderly and others in need throughout Nassau County. One of WE CARE’s highly anticipated events is the Children’s Holiday Festival where underserved children are invited for an afternoon of food and fun, DJ music and dancing, games, gifts and more. All this is made possible through generous donations to WE CARE from the legal community and community at large. Girl Scouts of Nassau County is grateful for the opportunity to provide a safe place where every girl is inspired to change the world and the generous support of the Nassau County Bar Association’s WE CARE Fund helps make that possible.

What kind of legacy would you like to leave behind for future generations?

Would you like our generation to be known for breaking down obstacles and barriers? These were some of the many questions posed to a group of Girl Scouts by Lieutenant Governor Kathy Hochul.

Girl Scouts from all over the state of New York gathered at the National Museum of the American Indian in New York City to celebrate the hundredth anniversary of women gaining the right to vote in New York. Girl Scouts is commemorating this milestone with the release of a new badge, which will allow girls to learn more about the Women's Suffrage Movement.

Girl Scout Vests filled with patches packed the museum, and there was much excited chatter as we awaited the beginning of the event. Finally, the lights dimmed, and a video clip about the achievements women have made, and the obstacles we are still overcoming, played. The video was extremely inspiring, and encouraged all of the young girls in attendance to stand up for their beliefs. After a few quick introductions by Girl Scouts, the Lieutenant Governor began her speech.  Lieutenant Governor Hochul was a wonderful speaker. She radiated passion while she spoke, and her firm beliefs about the topic of suffrage were clear. Her speech reminded me of the many accomplishments girls have made, like being granted entry into the Olympics, and also reminded me that our generation is responsible for the next set of advancements that must be made. We also heard from Girl Scout Representatives who represented the seven New York Councils present. The program concluded with another video clip, this one about empowerment.

Girl Scouts of Nassau County ended the day with a tour of the museum. We were treated to a presentation about Native American women, specifically women in the Iroquois Tribe. We were even able to view authentic artifacts! We created Corn Husk Dolls, and heard the story behind the doll. 

The event was an amazing experience. I left feeling empowered, and inspired to make a difference. I also enjoyed meeting Girl Scouts from other Councils, and learning about some of their traditions. I hope your Troop will earn their Women’s Suffrage Patch!