Friday, November 18, 2011

"Promises, Promises … " By Guest Blogger, James Langan

Promises kept are a reputation earned. So are promises broken. To have a good reputation is to be trusted; to have a bad one is not to be. But what is a promise, anyway? And what is it not?

A promise is a serious commitment to oneself or to others to do something. And since what we do (and don’t do!) defines who and what we are – to ourselves and to others – what we see in the mirror is nothing more than the sum of our promises kept and promises broken. Thus a promise is a commitment not only to do, but to be something.

When a Girl Scouts says: “On my honor, I will try to serve God and my country, to help people at all times, and to live by the Girl Scout Law,” she is saying: “I choose to be a patriotic and altruistic American. I choose to be kind and just, honorable and equitable, empathetic and compassionate, brave and strong, respectful and responsible.” With these words, she affirms her commitment to her own personal growth and to her goal of making the world a better place. What more could we ask from our girls who will someday rise to become tomorrow’s leaders? And what better way to create a better world than to nurture courage, confidence, and character in each and every one of our precious sisters and daughters?

The Girl Scout Promise and the Law are not for the faint of heart: They are heartfelt expressions of what the Girl Scouting has stood for– for 100 years. Being a Girl Scout means aspiring to live by these values very day – values that help young girls blossom into women of honesty, integrity, and substance. Today’s Girl Scouts become tomorrow’s leaders, making a positive and meaningful contribution to their communities. With your help, we will continue making the world a better place, one girl at a time. This is a promise the Girl Scouts has made for 100 years and will continue to make for the next 100 years.