Friday, June 15, 2018

Are You Man Enough?

Happy Father's Day to all of our Girl Scout Dads! Thank you for all you do to make our Girl Scout Experience possible.

As we approach Father’s Day this Sunday, we would like to take a moment to honor and celebrate all fathers—especially the fathers and father figures who are involved behind the scenes right here in Nassau County! Through their dedication they exemplify our key values, contribute to the power of Girl Scouts, raise our future entrepreneurs, and teach the value of being a volunteer.

Contributing to the Power of Girl Scouts
Dads have contributed to the Girl Scouts of Nassau County in innumerable ways. Many men volunteer their time throughout the year to play a role in leading our specialty clubs, council events, troop activities, camping trips, and cookie sales. Through their support, our council has made so many wonderful memories!

“It is fantastic to see how the robotics program helps the girls develop confidence and expand the way they think and their willingness to discover new things,” said Jacques Germans of Bayville, who volunteers to lead his local troops’ robotics team. “I have the highest regard for the Girl Scout organization, the time commitment of the leaders, and how much the girls are able to learn. I’m wearing my Man Enough t-shirt with great pride and would recommend all fathers, uncles and grandparents get involved. The bond is beyond anything else, and the memories, values and characteristics will last them the rest of their lives.”

Raising Entrepreneurs
We know from research that a girl’s relationship with her father aids in establishing her confidence and shaping her development. The men who volunteer in our council are committed to our mission to build girls of courage, confidence and character.

“If I had to give advice to a father thinking about signing his daughter up for Girl Scouts, I would say, ‘your daughter needs to be in this organization,’ ” said Michael Tolani of Farmingdale, who has been a volunteer for the last five years. “That’s how strongly I feel about it.”

Mr. Tolani is raising the world’s next greatest entrepreneur by assisting with annual Girl Scout Cookie Program. He works alongside his wife, who is his daughter’s troop leader, and believes being involved with the Girl Scouts as a dad is the best thing he has done for their relationship. As a salesman by day, Mr. Tolani looks forward to tying his profession together with selling cookies with his daughter. The pair have gone from selling 100 boxes in 2013 to selling 4,100 boxes of cookies and becoming the second highest seller for the past two years, which they consider one of their greatest accomplishments.

The Value of Volunteering
Other dads, like Ray Brewer of Levittown, volunteer at events such as the annual Girl Scouts of Nassau County Girls Go the Distance Family FunDay. Ray has been a volunteer for more than a decade, and can be found every year helping manage traffic to keep attendees safe at events. Over the years, his daughter Keeley, who is now a teenager enjoys volunteering alongside her dad at events. 

“We are a Girl Scout family—I’ve always been the third "mom" whenever my wife or her coleader need a substitute. I don’t think men realize, dads can do a lot for Girl Scouts. Sometimes we can come up with cool ideas,” said Ray Brewer. “As girls grow up, we can also help encourage them to stay with the organization. I teach girls the famous and powerful women who were Girl Scouts—who earned their Gold Award, are a celebrity, or CEO of a company. Girls need to know they have the power to channel their destiny. Girl power is huge in my house.”

Investing in the Future
Girl Scouts, tell your father, uncle, grandfather, brother and all the men in your life they can get involved in volunteering! The Man Enough Campaign is intended to inspire other men to get involved—like Mr. Tolani, Mr. Germans and Mr. Brewer—by  offering three-tier packages of merchandise options to men who sign-up to volunteer from now through October 13. 2018. Men interested in volunteering can visit the website at, and choose one of the three tiers of the Man Enough campaign to sign-up.

Men, you will not be disappointed in this incredible campaign we are throwing.