Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The 12 Days of Girl Scout Gifts

On the twelfth day of Christmas, 

my Girl Scouts gave to me...

12 Leaders Leading

11 Girl Scouts Helping

10 Stars-a-Shining
Click Here.

9 Daisies Baking

8 Bags-a-Swaying
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7 Charms-a-jingling
Click Here.

6 Girls-a-Caroling

5 Warm Blankets
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4 Birthday Bricks
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3 Fun Patches
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2 Trefoil Cards
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And The Girl's Guide to Girl Scouting.
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Monday, November 26, 2012

Thank You to Our Girl Scout Family, Near and Far ...

Girl Scouts of Nassau County sends its deepest thanks to our Girl Scout family around the globe who have reached out to us and our Girl Scout sisters who were impacted by Hurricane Sandy.   We have been overcome by your generosity, heartened by your ingenuity, and warmed by your prayers and good wishes.  We also thank Anna Maria Chavez and the team at Girl Scouts of the USA for their help and support.  You all have shown us the Girl Scout Promise and Law in words and deeds!

Girl Scouts of Nassau as of TODAY:

  1. Electricity has been restored to about 90% of the area. But many still share the distress, confusion and suffering of Hurricane Sandy's indelible mark on our community. There is still a sense of malaise and discomfort even as the community pulls together and begins to recover, but the spirit of community is thriving!  

  1. Most people do have shelter. Many of those hardest hit are with family/friends, some are in just a few rooms of their own home, and some are in temporary housing.  While there are some public shelters still open, people are being moved to more stable arrangements as quickly as possible. 

  1. Girl Scouts are continuing to reach out to those areas that were hardest hit, but communication with those displaced by the storm is still a challenge.  Some Girl Scout volunteers have even taken their Leader list and gone door-to-door to contact Leaders and see how Girl Scouts can be of service.  In the meantime, we completed a Needs Assessment Survey that is helping us match up those in need with those who have resources to help. 

It is our hopes that as girls realize that they no longer have their Girl Scout vests, or their books, that they will reach out and contact us.  As Troop Leaders see what other Troops are doing, they will be better able to ask for help.  And as the Holiday Season approaches, requests may shift to more material or monetary needs.


Girl Scouts can "be a sister to every Girl Scout" and work to make the world a better place by implementing specific acts of caring and setting bold goals with action plans to match!

1.     Continue to keep your hearts and minds open to new ways to reach out to our sisters in need.  Remember that the primary "job" of a child is to play.    Play, recreation, exercise and fun come right up there at the top of the 'needs' list -- right after love, a hot meal and a warm coat!  This goes for every girl, displaced by the storm, or safe and snug at home!

2.     "Stuff" is okay, but collecting things may not be the primary need right now.  As the holidays approach consider monetary gifts or gift cards that can help families in need 'provide for their own.'  $anta will need extra helper$ this year!

3.     Work to bring a sense of "normalcy" back to our community ... It is great to just have a regular Girl Scout meeting, work on Journeys and badges, and have some fun! Girls in Troops who are in the areas that were not as hard hit by the storm may want to pair with a Troop who was more severely impacted and plan a fun outing. It could be as simple as a game night or going to a movie together.  Think "normal" and FUN -- not expensive or complicated! Also, continue to do those community service activities and Take Action projects that were already in your plans for this year.  There is still a world of good that needs doing!

4.     Everyone has a story to tell ... and we need to just listen.  As you begin to hold meetings again, girls and adults are going to want and need to talk about what has happened. For those girls whose lives have been most disrupted, their stories may be hardest to hear.
Allow time for the girls to talk and share, but it is okay to set a time limit so that you can move to the planned activities and the fun. And of course, it is fine if you see that your girls just need a chance to hangout and reconnect with one another. 

Don't be afraid to ask for help.


1.     The Girl Scout motto has always been Be Prepared.  We'll be looking at ways to help our girls be even more prepared for future emergencies by offering classes and materials for girls, so they will be better prepared to respond the next time the lights go out, or worse! 

2.     Begin now to set Troop goals for the Girl Scout Cookie Program, which will begin January 5, 2013.  Talking about money is always important, and having extra money in your Troop treasury is a really good way to Be Prepared ... when girls need to Take Action, in good times and the worst of times. 

We thank all our members who quickly stepped forward and recognized that they had hands to help, resources to give or ways to bring back the normalcy that we so need. Our girls, Troops and volunteers have been at the forefront of reaching out to our neighbors in need since the first day after the storm.  The road to recovery may be long.  Be assured that Girl Scouts will be there to help pave the way and provide opportunities for leadership, respite and fun for all of our girls.

Despite the storm, we all have much for which to give thanks ... Wishing all of you more thankful days ahead!

Monday, November 19, 2012

We Give Thanks for…

In the wake of Hurricane Sandy, many people in Nassau County and all over the country are coming to realize all the things in life that they take for granted… warm meals, heat, electricity, homes, family, caring neighbors, etc.
With all that has occurred and with the holiday season approaching, it is important that we give thanks and show appreciation for the things in life that we have.  I for one am thankful to have the best job in the world, with the best team ever, doing important work to make the world a better place; I am thankful for my family, my friends, my Girl Scouts, my volunteers, a warm meal at night and a roof over my head.
I asked my staff members to complete the following statement, “I am thankful for…”
Here is a brief glimpse at how the GSNC Staff members completed the statement:
·       my co-workers—they are amazing!
·       the friendship of my Girl Scout family.
·       my neighbors who came together and helped dismantle the tree in my yard.
·       to have family, friends and co-workers who are always there to provide support in any way that may be needed.
·       that through the recent devastation, my family and friends are safe.
·       for the health and safety of family and friends.
·       The amazing people I have met through Girl Scouts, especially the volunteers.  Many are Girl Scout sisters I will have for the rest of my life.
·       my family and friends.
·       all the gifts Girl Scouts of Nassau County has given me, taught me and allowed me to share with others.
·       the power of numbers… and ice cream.
·       the love of my family and friends.
·       my family, friends, and the things I used to take for granted—warmth, light, freedom from want.
·       the love of my family and the friends I have made through Girl Scouting.
·       my new job at Girl Scouts.  I love being part of such a great organization; changing the world, one woman at a time!
·       my neighbors, my friends, my family, and my Girl Scout family.
·       a job that keeps me intellectually stimulated.
·       laughter of those around me—kids, family, co-workers, and friends.
·       the kindness of the staff and membership in reaching out to help people in the community.
·       family and dear, dear friends that got us through the past few weeks!  They are always there… we just notice more now!
·       the outpouring of help, kindness and love I have seen and heard of to help our community begin to cope with the devastation.  I am Thankful for the leaders and other volunteers who are checking on their girls and their communities, and for those who are finding ways for girls to support each other – and even to share a little fun in being together, helping girls perhaps be a little less afraid.  I would bet that each of our girls and families – regardless of how the storm impacted them – has also reached out to make things better for someone else…and that spirit of giving is what I am most Thankful for! 
As a council, Girl Scouts of Nassau County is thankful for…
·       the 20,000+ Girl Scouts we serve,
·       the 7,000+ volunteers who help build girls of Courage, Confidence and Character, who make the world a better place,
·       the 1,500 Troops in our Council,
·       the 121 girls who earned the Gold Award this year,
·       our Board of Directors,
·       our Staff and
·       all of our community supporters.

Monday, November 12, 2012

What can your Troop do to help? Hurricane Sandy Relief Efforts: Ideas

As Girl Scouts in Nassau County, many of us and our sister Girl Scouts are feeling the effects of Hurricane Sandy right here in our home towns. We thank our sister councils for their thoughts and prayers through this tough time and we continue to keep those affected in our hearts. Many of us are asking, “what can we do to help?”
First and foremost, check on the other Girl Scouts in your Troop and in your Association.  See if there is anything they need. 
If you want to help others:
  • Start a food drive and donate to Island Harvest or your local food pantry. Island Harvest, (631) 873-4775
  • Start a collection of baby food, diapers and wipes.
    • Long Island Cares- Nassau Service Center, 84 Pine Street, Freeport, NY 11520, (516) 442-5221
  • Start a supply drive. Many shelters and organizations are in need of diapers, formula, food, water, household cleaners and personal care items.
  • Create Shelter Activity Kits for Kids or bring books and craft supplies, such as construction paper, crayons, coloring books, glue and scissors to local shelters so that the children at these shelters have something to do.
  • Create Comfort Kits for your local shelter- Kits should include tooth brush, tooth paste, soap, wipes, hand sanitizer
  • Start a pet food, towel, bedding and animal toy drive.  Local pet shelters, including the Nassau County Pet Evacuation Centers are looking for bedding, towels and other supplies for animals. Contact the shelter in your town to find out what they are looking for or go to
    • Nassau County Pet Evacuation Shelter, 241 Miller Ave., Uniondale, NY 11553, (516) 272-0017
    • Town of Hempstead Animal Shelter, 3320 Beltagh Ave., Wantagh, NY 11793, (516) 785 5220
  • Sign up as a volunteer through the Long Island Volunteer Center, Island Harvest, American Red Cross and other local organizations.
Girl Scouts of Nassau County has started an effort to match up those who need help with those who would like to help. If your Troop is interested in being matched with another Troop in the area, please contact GSNC at effronl@gsnc.org with your request or offer of help. You can assist our efforts by clicking here and making adonation to the Girl Scouts of Nassau County Hurricane Relief Fund. The Girl Scouts of Nassau County Hurricane Relief Fund will help get Troops up and running; replace uniform components, Journey books and Girls Guide to Girl Scouting books; provide scholarships for program and camp participation; and restore
damage to Camp Blue Bay.
Remember, just because the storm is over, doesn’t mean that people no longer need help! Volunteering and Community Service is important during all seasons of the year.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Moving Forward After Hurricane Sandy

Dear Friends and Family,

The Girl Scouts of Nassau County office reopened on Monday November 5. Our electricity and internet service has been restored. We didn’t suffer any damage to our building. However, Camp Blue Bay didn’t fare so well. Several trees were destroyed; there was severe damage to the platform tents and polls and they are still without electricity. 

Like true New Yorkers, many have reached out to us asking how they can help Girl Scouts in Nassau County. We are still assessing the needs of girls and their families. We know that several communities are still without electricity and many families have significant damage to their homes. The loss of homes along coastal communities has been devastating. We know that Girl Scout families have been deeply impacted. And it will take many months before they can return home or find permanent housing.  

As families try to move forward, we want them to know that we are here to support them. Normalcy for those who are homeless is far off, but we want them to know that Girl Scouts is still available for them.  We have created the Girl Scouts of Nassau County Hurricane Relief Fund that will help get Troops up and running; replace uniform components, Journey books and Girls Guide to Girl Scouting books; to provide scholarships for program and camp participation; and restore damage to Camp Blue Bay. You can assist our efforts by clicking here and making a donation to the Girl Scouts of Nassau County Hurricane Relief Fund.

Over the next few weeks will continue to assess the needs in our Council. Updates will be available on our web-site. You can also contact Luci Duckson-Bramble, Chief Fund Development Officer for additional information, at 516-741-2550 ext 208 or lduckson@gsnc.org or Donna Ceravolo, Executive Director/Chief Executive Officer, at 516-741-2550 ext 200 or ceravolo@gsnc.org.


Friday, October 26, 2012

Happy Birthday Juliette Gordon Low!

"I've got something for the girls of Savannah, and all of America, and all the world, and we're going to start it tonight!"

Girl Scouts across the USA and around the world will celebrate Juliette Gordon Low's birthday on October 31...the 152nd anniversary of her birth.  And as Girl Scouts of the USA celebrates our 100th Anniversary as an organization, it is easy math to see that Juliette Gordon Low started this organization when some other women in her era and her social status might have been looking forward to slowing down a bit...rather than becoming the founder of a national organization whose impact for girls and women would be felt around the world!

Here's a quiz to see how well you know your history facts about the amazing Juliette Gordon Low:

1.  Where was Mrs. Low when she decided to start the Girl Scouts?  How many girls were in that first Troop?

2.  How old was Mrs. Low when she began the Girl Scouts?

3.  How and where did Mrs. Low first become interested in Girl Scouting? 

4. What was Mrs. Low's nickname and how do we use her nickname in Girl Scouting today?

5.  Although far from behaving in any way as a disabled person, Mrs. Low did suffer a physical disability.  What was it and what are some of the stories about her problem?

6.  In what year did Juliette Gordon Low receive the Presidential Medal of Freedom?

7.  In 2012 the first park in New York was named for Juliette Gordon Low.  Where is it?

8.  Mrs. Low served as the President of the Girl Scouts of the USA until 1920.  What was the title that the Girl Scouts bestowed on her to use after that time?

9.  Which of the following is true: 
    ___ A US Ship was named for Juliette Gordon Low
                  ___ A US Postage Stamp was issued in Juliette Gordon Low's  honor
                  ___ A US Federal Building was named for Juliette Gordon Low
                  ___ Juliette Gordon Low was inducted to the National Women's Hall of Fame
                  ___ Juliette Gordon Low's picture hangs in the National Portrait Gallery

10. When Mrs. Low began what we now know as the Girl Scouts it had a different name.  What was the organization first called, and why, and when did the name become Girl Scouts?

11. Who did Girl Scout executives call "the best scout of them all?"

EXTRA CREDIT: Do you think Juliette Gordon Low would be surprised  or not to learn about what Girl Scouts are doing today? -- Write a birthday card to Juliette Gordon Low and tell her what you think is the best thing about Girl Scouting in 2012...Post your card on Girl Scouts of Nassau County's Facebook page.

Resources to learn more about Juliette Gordon Low
Girl Scout Skit - Juliette Low and Girl Scouting (.pdf format)
Girl Scout Skit - Juliette Low Story (.pdf format)
Fun Facts -Happy Birthday to Juliette Low (.pdf format)
Juliette Low Mad Lib (.pdf format)


Answers to Juliette Gordon Low Birthday Quiz

1.  The first Girl Scout Troop began in Savannah, Georgia in 1912 and enrolled 18 girls.

2. Mrs. Low was 52 years old when she began Girl Scouting in the United States.

3.  Mrs. Low became interested in Girl Scouting while living in England and meeting Lord Robert Baden-Powell, founder of the Boy Scout movement in Great Britain, and his sister, Agnes Baden-Powell, who had established the Girl Guides there.

4.  Born Juliette Magill Kinzie Gordon, Juliette was known as "Daisy" to her family and friends.  Today the youngest level of Girl Scouts is known as the Daisy level.

5. Mrs. Low suffered from a severe hearing loss.  While having lost some of her hearing as a child, legend has it that rice thrown at her wedding lodged in her ear, and in the process of later removing the rice, her ear drum was irreparably injured.  Stories abound that Mrs. Low used her hearing loss as a tactic for never hearing "no," and always getting people to do things her way! -- Mrs. Low was also know to have had back problems during her lifetime and it is reported that she died from breast cancer (in 1927).

6.  The Presidential Medal of Freedom was awarded to Juliette Gordon Low, posthumously, in 2012 by President Barack Obama on the occasion of the 100th Anniversary of Girl Scouting in the USA.

7.  The first park in the State of New York is located in Lynbrook.  It was the project of Troop 2237 of ELLM Association in Girl Scouts of Nassau County and was dedicated on March 11, 2012.

8.  In 1920 the National Board of the Girl Scouts of the USA bestowed the title of Founder of the Girl Scouts of the USA on Juliette Gordon Low.

9.  All of these statements are "True."

  • 1944 Liberty Ship #2246, scrapped in 1972.
  • 1948 President Harry S. Truman authorized a US Postage Stamp in honor of Juliette Gordon Low.
  • 1983 President Ronald Reagan signed a bill naming the new Federal Building in Savannah, Georgia in honor of Juliette Gordon Low.
  • October 28, 1979 Juliette Gordon Low was inducted to the National Women's Hall of Fame in Seneca Falls, NY.
  • Juliette Gordon Low's portrait hangs in the National Portrait Gallery in the Smithsonian's Reynold's Center in Washington, D.C.

10.  When the organization began in Savannah in 1912, it was known as the Girl Guides, after the Girl Guides that Mrs. Low had worked with in Great Britain.  The name was changed to Girl Scouts the following year, because Mrs. Low wanted her girls' organization to be perceived as equal to the fledging Boy Scouts organization (founded in the US in 1910) and she felt that "Scout" was a stronger word than "Guide."

11. Shortly before Mrs. Low's Death, Girl Scouts of the USA leadership sent a telegram to Mrs. Low that described her as "the best Scout of them all."

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Anatomy of a Girl Scout Troop Meeting By Guest Blogger, Cassie Rowan

Back when I was working on my Silver Award (10 years ago), three of my Girl Scout friends and I decided we wanted to impact younger girls in our community by bringing them the joy of Girl Scouting. We decided we would run a Daisy Troop.

Being new to the Girl Scout Leader world, the thought of running an hour long troop meeting was daunting.  We were wondering what we would do with 10 Daisies for a whole hour. Now, most seasoned Girl Scout leaders know that there are many components that go into a Girl Scout meeting because the meeting isn’t all just fun and games; there is also Troop business that needs to be attended to like troop dues and troop decisions, but to us “new” leaders we weren’t sure what needed to be included.

My Girl Scout Leader taught my friends and me what it meant to be a leader and all the components which should be included in a Girl Scout Troop Meeting.  It is important that girls learn about the Girl Scout Promise and Law, while building courage, confidence, and character.  A Girl Scout Troop Meeting should be comprised of 6 parts—Pre-meeting Activity, Opening, Girl Scout Circle-Business, Activity, Clean-Up and Closing. (Snack is optional).  Of these 6, the Opening, Clean-up and Closing should remain the same.

List of Basic Components to a Girl Scout Troop Meeting:
  • Pre-Meeting Activity – an activity for girls to do before the meeting; should be simple and easy so no direction needs to be given.
  • Opening – can consist of a flag ceremony and/or a Girl Scout song, along with the Girl Scout Promise
  • Troop Business— this is the part of the meeting where dues are collected and troop decisions are made; for my silver award Troop we had a Daisy Circle
  • Activity— this is the time for activities that will allow girls to build skills, try new things and explore their interests.  The Girl’s Guide to Girl Scouting and the Girl Scout Journey books are great resources for activities and badges to work on during this time.  
  • Clean-up—this is the time which should be allotted to clean up your activity… This is important because a Girl Scout always leaves a place cleaner than she left it. 
  • Closing— this is the perfect time for girls to reflect on their Girl Scout experience and what they learned at the troop meeting; this is also the time for having the girls gather in a Friendship Circle to say goodbye for the day.

Cassie Rowan is the Interactive Media Coordinator for Girl Scouts of Nassau County. Gold Award Recipient- 2006 and Silver Award Recipient- 2002.

Friday, September 28, 2012

The Fully Dressed Girl Scout Daisy

What is a fully dressed Daisy Girl Scout?  It is a Daisy who shows her Girl Scout spirit through her appearance; she is telling the world that she is a Girl Scout Daisy! From her Daisy Tunic to her Daisy Girl Scout Smile, she is showing her friends and her sisters that she is ready to learn all there is for Daisies to learn. 

Daisy Girl Scout: Top 12
1. DAISY TUNIC: Allows a Daisy to display her accomplishments and stay clean.
2. AMERICAN FLAG PATCH: The American Flag Patch represents the USA flag.
3. DAISY COUNCIL ID STRIP: Shows what council a Daisy belongs to.
4. DAISY TROOP NUMERALS: Shows what Troop a Daisy belongs to.
5. DAISY GIRL SCOUT INSIGNIA TAB: Holds the World Trefoil Pin and the Daisy Girl Scout Membership Pin.
6. OFFICIAL 100th ANNIVERSARY PIN: Wear this pin to celebrate 100 years of Girl Scouting.
7. GIRL SCOUT DAISY PIN: Worn only by Daisy Girl Scouts, shows that a girl is a Daisy Girl Scout.
8. WORLD ASSOCIATION PIN (WAGGGS Pin): Shows that you are part of the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts.
9. DAISY T-SHIRT:  Identifies girls as a Daisy Girl Scout.
10. DAISY LEGGINGS: Allow for Daisy Girl Scouts to run about and play before, during and after Troop meetings.
11. DAISY ZIPPER BAG:  Holds important Daisy stuff.
12. DAISY RIBBON HEADBAND SET: To keep hair out of a Daisy’s eyes while she earns Daisy badges and participates in Daisy activities.

Remember, for all your Girl Scouting Merchandising needs… visit your local Girl Scout Shop.