Friday, March 28, 2014

Preparing for the 5th Annual Girls Go the Distance Walkathon and Activity Fair

Exciting news! The 5th Annual Girls Go the Distance Walkathon and Activity Fair will soon be upon us. With walkathon in the title, we know there will be walking involved, but what else can you expect out of this fun packed day?

Well here is it…

  • Registration will begin promptly at 9:30am… If you are the team captain and are looking to make the registration process go faster, collect all walker envelops for your team and submit them to GSNC as early as April 4th. This should allow your team to go through express check-in.

  • The 2 mile walk will begin at 10:30am. Girls will have the opportunity to walk through the picturesque Old Bethpage Village Restoration, so be sure to bring a camera for all those picture perfect moments and wear your comfy walking shoes. Also, this year we will be having refill stations for water so don’t forget to bring your own water bottles.

  • After the walk, the activities, fun, games and food will begin and continue until 1:00pm. Walk participants will have the opportunity to engage in interactive games that focus on health and nutrition with Cohen Children’s Medical Center! Participate in the dance workshop with Eglevsky ballet! Play “nature freeze dance” with Om Tara Yoga Studio! You don’t want to miss the famous Lil Chefs healthy food games! Some of our other vendors include:

o   New York Life Insurance
o   Guide Dog Foundation for the Blind
o   In Your Heart Lives a Rainbow
o   Old Westbury Gardens
o   Rocking Horse Ranch
o   Walt Whitman Birthplace
o   Oh My Girls
o   Parents for Megan’s Law
o   Eglevsky Ballet
o   Om Tara Yoga Studio
o   Young Living Essential Oils

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Ban Bossy


When a little boy asserts himself, we applaud him. Yet when a little girl does the same, she is often branded “bossy,” a stigma that stays with her for life. Research shows this is one of many ways we inadvertently discourage leadership in girls.

Take a look at some of these staggering facts (From Leadership Tips for Leaders)

  • In a Girl Scouts study of 8 to 17-year-olds, a third of young women who did not want to be leaders attributed their lack of motivation to a fear of being called “bossy” or disliked by their peers. Girls were twice as likely as boys to cite “bossy” as a barrier.
  • Sixth grade girls are 33 percent less likely than boys to want to take the lead in group projects. Starting in middle school, more boys than girls aspire to leadership roles in future careers.
  • Girls in the sixth and seventh grades rate being popular and well-liked as more important than being perceived as competent or independent.
  • As Girl Scouts, our goal is to help girls develop their leadership skills so that they will take on leadership roles in the future. We want all girls to know they can be anything they want to be.
  • Tell girls they are not “bossy,” they are leaders!

For more Ban Bossy Resources, visit: