Monday, September 25, 2017

A Leaders NEED-TO-KNOW Guide for a successful Girl Scout Year

Not sure what resources you need make your year as a Troop Leader strong? Here are all of the basics to get you started:

TIP #1: Know the staff people that represent your area. Our GSNC staff is here for you! Our customer care staff are here to answer your questions. A Volunteer Experience staff person will make sure you are provided with all of the information you need including training, background checks, etc. Our Membership Engagement and Community Engagement staff will guide you with registering all of the girls in your Troop, etc. To find out which staff members are assigned to you, call 516.741.2550.

TIP #2: Know who your Service Team is. A Service Team is a group of Volunteers in your community trained to help all Leaders in an Association (group of towns that are close to each other). Your Service Team is comprised of Volunteers with many different roles to help you in your new leadership role. To find out who the members of your Service Team are call 516.741.2550.

TIP #3: Know what resources are available to you and how to plan your year. The Volunteer Resource Center (VRC) is a place where you can come to learn about various activities in which your Troop may be interested. You will learn the current Girl Scout program, different ceremonies to do with your Troop, what trips to take and much more. Plan ahead, Volunteers! If you need help planning Troop activities, such as mapping out your Girl Scout year or if you just need ideas for a meeting, book an appointment with our MVP Volunteer Resource Specialist by emailing Monday-Friday: 9am-5pm, Thursday: 9am-8pm (excluding July & Aug).

TIP #4: Explore our website and Social Media pages. Our website, has a wide range of programs available for girls to participate in, explanations of awards and patches girls can earn, our shop’s online merchandise, etc. Use our social media pages including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to keep up with what your fellow Girl Scouts are learning and doing in Girl Scouting and what your Troop can look forward to! Additionally, don’t forget about the Online Community (OLC), where registered parents, Leaders and Service Team members can access information on how to effectively plan meetings, exchange ideas and keep updated on GSNC’s current events. For any questions about our website, social media pages, or the OLC, contact 

Monday, September 11, 2017

We're Home!

We are so excited to welcome you to our newly renovated Service Center! Girl Scouts of Nassau County has waited over a year and now proudly shares some of the new features and improvements to our home.
If you have passed by 110 Ring Road West over the last year you may have noticed some of the changes. Yes, the building has been expanded; we have increased the square footage by 2400 feet. We have redesigned the main entrance and enlarged the GSNC Shop and Cookie Cupboard with their own entrances making it easier to manage a stroller or cart loaded with cookies!
We added larger windows and redesigned the entire lower floor to better serve our members. The curb appeal has been modernized with LED lighting, new signage and new awnings. The landscaping has been redesigned to accent the architectural changes and newly paved parking lot.
Inside the building you will be greeted by a bright and open design, full of vibrant colors and images. The GSNC Shop is larger and has more floor space to make your shopping experience even better.  Also redesigned is the Volunteer Resource Center with easy access from the main building and shop. The Living History collection has its own space to allow us to showcase many of the hidden treasures we have in the collection. Electronic options populate every meeting space, making them state of the art centers of learning. Don’t forget to check out the bathrooms which feature an all-in-one sink! It is very cool and will help us save on water and soap usage, as well as eliminate paper waste.
The second floor features an open concept floor plan with large windows, pops of color and streaming natural light for all to enjoy. Almost all the staff will be housed on this floor and their workspaces have been designed for maximum efficiency and takes into consideration the latest ergonomic concepts. A newly designed collaborative space encourages people to come together in a comfortable environment where creativity and teamwork can flourish.
Throughout the building you will find improvements designed to save money and help our environment.   A new HVAC system, roof and insulation ensures we will be warm in the winter and cool in the summer. 

These systems will use less energy and reduce our costs. Many of the finishes are made of recycled content, offering noise abatement and reduced maintenance.