Friday, February 7, 2020

Once a Girl Scout, Always a Girl Scout: Dienamarie’s Story

Who are Girl Scouts? Girl Scouts are Go-getters, Innovators, Risk-takers, and Leaders. They’re girls who design robots, learn life skills, improve our neighborhoods, and go on amazing adventures. They’re making a difference.

Girl Scouts is a lifelong adventure full of friendship, connection, service, and fun! Every Girl Scout has a unique story to tell, and we’re sharing those stories.

Girl Scout Lifetime Member, Dienamarie was a Girl Scout for 12 years and has been volunteering with Girl Scouts of Nassau County in a variety of ways for 17 years. Currently, she is a troop leader in the Merrick Service Unit and she mentors Girl Scouts in our council who are working toward earning their Girl Scout Gold Award.

Name: Dienamarie G.

Council: Girl Scouts of Nassau County

Tell us about your time as a Girl Scout. Looking back, what were some highlights, important moments, life lessons, and/or favorite memories?

Girl Scouts has given me a well-rounded experience from the beginning. I attribute that to my leaders and the program that I was given. It allowed us to explore and grow in a variety of ways, trying things that were new. Girl Scouts, from what I remember, started at a young age when your leaders took the lead and that was alright. They were constantly encouraging us to take the lead and by the time we had gotten older, we did take leadership roles.

I loved becoming a Girl Scout Brownie and the ceremony that went with it (we had a real mirror and fake but pretty flowers around).

I also have a million memories from a trip my troop took in my Senior year of Girl Scouts. We went to Disney World in Florida and wore our full Girl Scout uniform on the airplane both ways, and had the time of our lives!      

Did you earn your Girl Scout Gold Award (or the First Class, Curved Bar Award, or Golden Eagle)? If so, tell us about your project, what year you earned it and how working toward earning this higher award impacted you.

Yes, I earned the Girl Scout Gold Award. I was able to do a series of workshops with sixth grade girls who were entering middle school that next year. I focused on self-confidence, self-esteem, courage to be oneself, leadership, etiquette, positive self as a teenager, and glamour. I was able to work with the girls on each of these things through fun and interactive activities and discussions. When earning my Girl Scout Gold Award, I developed the leadership skills and the courage to take on anything and everything that life throws at me. I was able to take on so much more in college and in life because I had already led a project and seen it successfully completed. 

Did Girl Scouts have an impact on your career choice/field of study? If so, how?

At first, I studied fashion design to build my skills artistically and professionally. I love fashion and it has impacted my life. Girl Scouts helped me focus on the path and lead the way for others to follow. I went on to study art education, knowing my reach would be bigger. I am now the Art Teacher for an elementary school where I am able to instill leadership and courage into each of my students. 

Do you continue to volunteer with Girl Scouts? If so, how and why?

Yes, I absolutely continue to volunteer with Girl Scouts, supporting girls the same way I was supported when I was a girl; helping them build the courage, confidence, and character to be the leaders that they already are. My mother and I volunteer as two of the leaders for a multi-level Girl Scout troop of Cadettes, Seniors, and Ambassadors. I also volunteer as a Girl Scout Gold Award Mentor for girls wanting to be Gold Award Girl Scouts. 

What advice would you give younger Girl Scouts?

Stay with Girl Scouts! Find your way and your will through the leadership and courage Girl Scouts provides. Girl Scouts not only provides outdoor experiences, but the inner experience and life lessons that we all need. We all need to be women of courage, confidence, and character; we all need to be Go-Getters.

If you could say anything to your younger self, what would be?

If I could say something to my younger self, it would be tolive with courage and leadership. Let your talents shine and help others along the way. Being a Girl Scout will set you on the path.

What is one item you always carry with you?

I always carry my Girl Scout pin and Girl Scout Gold Award pin. 

Tell us a little about yourself. How long were you a Girl Scout? Did you participate in any special Girl Scout groups and/or school teams/clubs? What are you passionate about?

I have been a Girl Scout since I was five years old. All the qualities of a Girl Scout are a part of who I am. I love being involved in Girl Scouts, volunteering and giving back. It sets a fire in you to see the older girls flourish and grow into the leaders they already are.

I’m also a Stage Four Breast Cancer Thriver and live on being brave and fearless. I have been thriving since 2015 and will for a long time- I will live.  It is a part of my life and I will face it with courage, character, and confidence that I will succeed in healing completely.  Healing is what we all want and can achieve. I am working towards being completely healed and multi-tasking life, because life is for living.

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