Friday, November 15, 2013

The Scoop on Cookies

We all know that the Girl Scout Cookie Season can be a hectic one… girls (with adult supervision of course) are out there “pounding the pavement” trying to sell as many boxes of cookies as they can to reach their goal.  Cookie Season doesn’t start until January 4, 2014, but what are some things we can do now to prepare ourselves and make January a little easier?

1) Troops should be setting GOALS and discussing plans for their Cookie Proceeds.  What is your Troop going to do with the money you earn from the Girl Scout Cookie Program?  -- Community service?  A Take Action Project?  A camping excursion?  Saving for a "big trip?" -- How many Cookies need to be sold to meet those goals?

2) Okay Troop Cookie Managers… now is the time to attend your Association’s Cookie Manager Training Session. These will be taking place at the end of November and early December. Emails will be going out soon (if they haven’t already) regarding date, time and place.

3) Consider having your Troop work on one of the Cookie Badges which encourage the learning and earning aspect of the Cookie Program. There’s a badge for each year at each level.

4) If your Troop is planning to do any Booth Sales, strategize now on locations, signage and girl sales training. By starting early Booth Sale planning, girls can “bling” their booth with fun decorations and really learn about marketing to customers.  This would be a good time for Cadettes to work on their Marketing Badge. Don’t forget to make an Operation Cookie donation container!

5) Attend Girl Scouts of Nassau County's Cookie Celebration on January 11, 2014. The Cookie Celebration will get Girl Scouts and parents excited about selling Girl Scouts Cookies and achieving their goals. Those who attend the celebration will get a virtual “behind the scenes” bakery tour, and some exciting ways to set goals, sell to more customers and dream big!

Looking for more information about preparing for the Girl Scout Cookie Program? 

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