Friday, November 8, 2013

B.R.A. Recycling Program

Last month, some lucky Girl Scouts had the opportunity to meet entrepreneur and B.R.A. Founder, Kathleen Kirkwood.  Ms. Kirkwood narrated the story of her career as model and an entrepreneur, painting a picture of what it took for her to get where she is today.  She told the girls how she realized that while she could earn money being a model overseas, she was never going to be a "supermodel," and wanted to come back to the US to be near her family.  

Ms. Kirkwood's latest venture, B.R.A., the Bra Recycling Agency, involves recycling all the parts of a bra and then turning most of the waste into carpet padding.  She explained some of the technical problems that she had to address in making the recycling of products involving fabric, steel and plastic doable. Girls learned a valuable lesson of resiliency and not taking the word “no” for an answer.

Ms. Kirkwood also demonstrated that recycling costs money,  a fact that is often hidden when we put out various materials for curbside pickup because our tax dollars pay for that.  The B.R.A. business model engages the public directly in covering the cost of the recycling, while the company gives a portion of its profits back to the community.

Girl Scouts who attended the program also had the opportunity to create a PSA about BRA recycling. Hear why recycling a bra is important!

To learn more about Ms. Kirkwood and B.R.A., visit or email her at

Participation in B.R.A. is an interesting way to participate in recycling.  B.R.A. also offers Girl Scout Troops the opportunity to earn extra money for their Troop as they help to reduce, reuse, recycle.

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