Friday, November 22, 2013

Gold Award Process: Step One

1st step in the Gold Award Process… The Project Topic! 

Written By: Cassie R., Assistant Troop Leader 2100

Now that the girls in my Girl Scout Troop have finished their Journey, they are beginning to think about the Gold Award. This means coming up with a topic and a project idea; something that the girls are passionate about and that will have a positive, long lasting impact on the community.  When I went through the process of earning my Gold Award… this was the most difficult part.  

Upon the initial “Gold Award” discussion with my girls, I had a few girls who knew right away what topic they wanted to focus on… to those girls, I encouraged them to begin researching and thinking about what they could do for a project. I recommend having the girls come up with bigger ideas when initially thinking about project ideas because you can always reel in a project, but it may be difficult to add to a project you are set on doing. Also, I have the girls ask themselves, "Is this project idea sustainable without me?". 

For those girls who had no idea where they wanted to focus, I encouraged them to take a deep look at themselves and their community. I asked them to consider questions like:

  • What are some things I am passionate about?
  • What are some problems or needs I see in my everyday life?
  • Is there a challenge you face every day that someone else might be facing as well?
  • Take a walk/drive around your community or school.  Is there anything that you wish was different? Is there an issue that you think impacts the community as a whole?

Now that I had the girls thinking, I reminded them that I was there for them to bounce ideas off and that I am a resource for them throughout their journey towards earning their Gold Award.  I left them with these parting words… “It is important that you are excited and passionate about your Gold Award Project, otherwise the project will feel like work… The project shouldn’t feel like work, it should feel exciting and should make you happy!” 

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