Tuesday, May 7, 2013

It Must Be Springtime ... Signing the Cookie Checks

Here I am Signing Some "Cookie Checks"
This past Friday and Monday I spent several hours signing the checks that go to our Girl Scout Troops as their proceeds for participation in the Girl Scout Cookie Program.  Each check gets signed by two real people -- not a machine.  By my best guesstimate, I signed about 450 checks ... I write a personal note on the checks that I sign that are in excess of $600 ...  But since I don't sign every check,  there are some of the larger checks that do not get a note from me.  (Sorry!)   ...  There is really nothing magical about $600, it was just the threshold that I chose for my notes.

I enjoy signing the "Cookie Checks" for many reasons ... Most importantly these checks are the tangible reward to our Troops for all the learning and earning that they accomplished during their participation in this year's Girl Scout Cookie Program.  I enjoy signing the checks in the afternoon when the sun pours into my office and it is toasty warm.  Signing my name over and over gives me the opportunity to practice my penmanship; I like having a legible signature, even if I do have a name that people often find unusual to pronounce.  Sometimes, one of our other Council officers join me and we sign checks together; then there is banter, discussion and a little laughter.  It is good to be able to laugh at work, and not all jobs afford that kind of camaraderie.  We take fun seriously at the Girl Scouts -- for the girls and the adults!

I know that every check -- and every Troop, and each girl in a Troop -- has a Girl Scout Cookie story to tell.  I'd love to hear your Cookie stories ... girls and volunteers.  Leave a comment below or call or email me and tell me what you learned, how you set and met your goals, about the people you met selling Girl Scout Cookies, and how you and your Troop will be putting the money from those Cookie Checks to work.  -- We'll share your stories in this space, or in future Girl Scout venues.

Email ceravolo@gsnc.org or phone 516-741-2550, ext. 200

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