Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Girl Scout Junior Troop 3476 - Acts of Kindness

Last week, I received an email from two Troop leaders who wanted to share their story of how their Girl Scout Junior Troop helped other Junior Troops in their area who were affected by Hurricane Sandy. I am so proud of all of my Girl Scouts for the Courage, Confidence and Character they have shown in aiding their sister Girl Scouts over the last 7 ½ months. Here is their inspiring story...

A few weeks ago, our Junior troop had the pleasure of hosting two Massapequa troops to offer support post Hurricane Sandy. Troop 3476 welcomed Junior troops 2388 & 2408 to a night of earning the Simple Foods. All items were donated by our troop and each scout learned how to set a table, table etiquette, create a healthy breakfast, lunch and dinner. We spoke about the food pyramid and topped the night off with each scout leaving with Panini desserts to take home to mom and dad.

The scouts worked together in prepping, cooking and cleaning up (Yes, cleaning up). We closed the meeting with the scouts singing, "Make New Friends" in a friendship circle.
Troop 3476 wanted to take action and help their community. All the scouts had a great time and made a new friend too. It was truly a terrific night and we know the scouts will continue to offer this random act kindness as they grow into adults. Joanne and I were so proud of all the scouts. 

A big shout out to Plainedge CAV, Linda H and CAV's from Massapequa, Debbie & Barbara along with friends Kathleen and Beth for helping our troop get this off the ground.
It is times like this that I especially enjoy scouting and am so proud to be a part of.

Yours in scouting,
Joanne M. & Cris C.
Troop 3476

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