Friday, May 17, 2013

Bridging Ceremony Tips for Girl Scout Leaders

In Girl Scouting, “Bridging” is the term used to describe the process of advancing from one level to another. It is a time to celebrate the accomplishments of a Girl Scout; she has earned Journey awards, completed badges and participated in community service and Troop outings. The Bridging Ceremony should be an exciting time for a Girl Scout, so make the celebration fun and memorable. And, include the girls in the planning process.

Things Girl Scout Leaders Might Want to Include in a Bridging Ceremony:

  • An opening Flag Ceremony is a good way to honor our country.
  • Say the Girl Scout Promise
  • Incorporate the Girl Scout Law in the ceremony in some way.  When I was a girl, our leader had each girl in the Troop say a line of the Girl Scout Law and tell the audience what that line meant to us.
  • Don’t just invite family and friends; invite older Girl Scouts to welcome the younger girls into the next level of Girl Scouting.
  • Present girls with their membership star, bridging certificate and bridging patch, as well as the other recognition they may have earned this year.
  • Does your Girl Scout Troop have a favorite song or poem? Include it if it has meaning to your Troop.
  • End with a friendship circle; it is a good reminder that friendship is continuous, especially in Girl Scouting.

If you still need a guide to help you plan your bridging ceremony, try using the “Ceremony Planner” created by GSUSA. And remember, as long as the girls have a fun and memorable time, the ceremony is a success.

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