Friday, September 25, 2015

Sharing and Caring through Mags&Munchies ... and Memories: Operation Stop Hunger and Project Thank You

Are you familiar with “Operation Cookie,” our Council Gift of Caring program that encourages you to collect donations from your customers so that boxes of Girl Scout Cookies can be sent to our country’s military at home and abroad? Did you know that we have Gift of Caring programs for Mags&Munchies, too? Operation Stop Hunger donations go towards the purchase of nut items for a local food pantry and Project Thank you provides magazine subscriptions to soldiers and veterans. Every $5 donation to either program counts towards Troop proceeds and a girl’s Nut/Snack totals, and just two $5 donations earn the “Share” patch! When a customer says they don’t want to purchase nut/snack items or a magazine for themselves, ask if they want to make a donation to one of these worthwhile programs.

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