Tuesday, September 15, 2015

How does the Mags&Munchies Program work?

  • Get your Mags&Munchies information packet and order card from your Troop Mags&Munchies Manager.
  • You can start right away with the online program by clicking the icon to the right --->
  • Make your store your own by posting an entertaining picture, setting your goals, and entering email addresses for your friends and family. Create some marketing magic on your site by writing about the awesome stuff you’re doing in Girl Scouts.
  • Beginning September 21, 2015 take your order card and magazine order forms with you when visiting neighbors and family, then tell them about how much fun you’re having in Girl Scouts and how they can help you and your Troop through the Mags&Munchies Program.
  • Fill out and bring the business cards from your packet with you too, so you can leave one for any neighbors who aren’t home or are busy when you’re there.
  • Complete 8 addresses in the “reach out” address booklet, and you’ll earn $2 for your Troop.
  • Continue selling through mid-October, and turn in all of your paperwork and money to your Troop Mags&Munchies Manager by the date they tell you.
  • Deliver Nut/Snack products in late November/early December to your customers anxiously awaiting their gifts and treats.

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