Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Banking Tips For Troop Leaders

Don’t Leave Home Without Them!
  • To save time and extra trips to the bank make sure you have done the following BEFORE opening your account:
  • Choose a bank – (consult your Association Service Team for bank suggestions)
  • Decide who will be on the account - required is a minimum of 2 signatures – one of the Troop Leaders and the other a member of the Association Service Team (Treasurer or CAV).
  • Request a letter from Council on Council letterhead: Once you have the names of the signers, the bank you wish to open the account in, and your Troop number, go to our website: www.gsnc.org – click on Volunteers – forms –Troop and Association forms - bank account request. Or, contact a staff person for the letter.
  • Once you receive the letter (which also indicates the Council’s ID number) you can go to the bank and get signature cards for your new account.

IMPORTANT: Remember to indicate that all bank statements be mailed to the Leader’s address - not the Council’s address.

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