Friday, September 4, 2015

Changing the World with Girl Scouts of Nassau County

~ by Madison S.

Presenting my Cookie website at the Digital Cookie Launch Party
I have been involved with many activities through my school and church, but none of them are better than being a Girl Scout!

When people hear of Girl Scouts, most think of the little girls selling delicious cookies and going camping. Yes, we love our cookies and enjoy camping trips, but we are so much more than that! When I think of Girl Scouts, I think of young leaders changing the world. These girls have diverse interests from helping others to learning about Science, Technology, Engineering, and math.

As a Girl Scout, I have learned so many new things and I have experienced so many amazing "Possibilities". Some of my favorite memories would never have been created if I wasn't a Girl Scout. In a group called Girl Speak, I have led a community service project with some of my new best friends. Girl Speak even went to Albany to present to Senators and Assemblymen about our projects. That's not something every girl gets to experience. In a group called Media Girls, my public speaking skills have become even better through appearing on TV, making presentations, and writing blog entries. Without Girl Scouts, I never would have gotten the opportunity to go on the roof of a college with an astronomer to explore the night skies. I never would have learned how to create a cookie-selling website without Digital Cookie, a new cookie selling platform. My business and math skills would be a lot lower if I didn't attend a program based on math and fashion. I wouldn't have gotten the chance to go away from home for the first time-going camping at Blue Bay, and I never would have known how to garden without a program called Girl Scout Gardeners. I would never have spent a day in the life of a News 12 reporter, and I would never been the mayor of my town for the day, without a government program.  I've done tons of fun activities from spa parties to card making, and I have helped my community is so many ways. Additionally, I've learned skills I'll need when I'm an adult like cooking and sewing.

Albany Trip with Girl Speak
One of the best parts of Girl Scouts are all of the friends I have made along the way. For the girls who have had a hard time making friends at school, I promise you will make tons of new friends if you become a Girl Scout. I know I have! Not only will you make friends with your peers, but you also be friends with volunteers and staff. All the adults involved in Girl Scouts are kind, caring, and want you to have the best experience.

Don't worry, there is something for EVERY GIRL! I promise that you will never regret signing up to be a Girl Scout!

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