Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Why am I a Girl Scout Leader ~ Erica, Leader Daisy Troop # 2243

Why am I a Girl Scout Leader 
~ Erica, Leader Daisy Troop # 2243

What motivates me as a Girl Scout Leader is the knowledge that my actions will have a positive impact not only on my daughter, but on all of our girls as they grow and develop into strong, confident, ambitious women. As a full-time working mother of two daughters, age 6 and 2, I wanted a way to spend more quality time with my daughter. Although being a Troop Leader is a huge undertaking, the excitement my daughter has when it comes to our Troop meetings and Girl Scout events, which is mirrored in all of the girls in our Troop, is my motivation. In the short time our Troop has been together the girls have developed a sisterhood that will last a lifetime. As a first year Troop with Kindergarten and 1st Grade Daisies, the older girls have the opportunity to help out the younger girls whereas the younger girls have someone to look up to for guidance.

Here are some things we have done to help our girls learn new things, build confidence, and work together:

  • Martin Luther King birthday activity to celebrate and respect differences.
  • Valentine’s Day cards to give a “new” friend- and made a new friend in the process.
  • Our first Cookie Booth Sale involved making change and encouraging customers to come to the table and buy cookies.

Each of these activities brought infectious excitement from one girl to another, and to us as Leaders.

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