Tuesday, June 23, 2015

100th Anniversary of the Highest Award in Girl Scouting... the Girl Scout Gold Award

2016 is the year that marks the 100th Anniversary of the Highest Award in Girl Scouting. Be it called the Golden Eaglet of Merit (1916-1918), Golden Eaglet (1918-1938), First Class (1938-1940), Curved Bar(1940-1963), First Class-again (1963-1980), or the Girl Scout Gold Award (1980-present) it represents the pinnacle of the Girl Scout experience-developing leaders. One thing that has not changed is this award has always been part of a long tradition of recognizing
the outstanding achievement of extraordinary girls.

Over the course of girls’ projects, the Gold Award has inspired them to share their ideas and passions with their communities to make the world a better place. The biggest transformation for each girl is that her increased confidence in her leadership abilities helps her “Take Flight.” Gold Awardees are seen on High School and college campuses as leaders, who are not afraid to commit to new projects. Earning the Gold Award as a teenager is just the beginning of her metamorphosis. It’s what empowers her!

In honor of the changes that each girl goes through, the 100th Anniversary of the Gold Award: “Takes Flight” kickoff event is inviting all Girl Scout Troops to participate in a collaborative Milk Jug Butterfly art project. We would like each girl to create a butterfly to be displayed during Girl Scout week at GSNC Service Center. The butterfly is to represent the changes that take place in communities and within the girls. Follow this link for directions.

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