Tuesday, June 9, 2015

10 Ways to Say “Thanks” to Your Volunteer

As we approach the end of the Girl Scout Troop Season, it is important to say “Thank you” to those volunteers who made all of your Girl Scout adventures possible. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

10 Ways to Say “thanks” to your favorite volunteer

  1. Send a thank you card or letter.
  2. Nominate them for the GSNC Volunteer of Excellence Award.
  3. Send your Leader videos of the girls thanking them.
  4.  Make them a S’mores Kit. The tag can read “We need S’more Leaders like you!”
  5. Give a plant or flowers.
  6.  Post a “thank you” on Facebook, Twitter or in your Association house on the OLC.
  7. Make a sign to hang on their door that says “A great volunteer lives here!” (then sign your names)
  8. Have a picture taken of the entire Troop for your leader.
  9. Bake a cake or cookies.
  10.  A gift from the Girl Scout Shop!

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