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GSRI's Having It All: Girls & Financial Literacy Findings Summary

On Monday, April 15, 2013, the Girl Scout Research Institute (GSRI) released “Having It All: Girls and Financial Literacy”; research on girls and their views about financial literacy.  Below you will find a summary of the reasoning behind the research and the key findings of GSRI. 

In today’s world of the stock market, credit and loans, it is important for children to be financially literate so they can make sound decisions for their future.  Currently, financial literacy is not learned in the standard K-12 curriculum in the US; the responsibility of teaching financial literacy belongs to parents, families and after-school programs, like Girl Scouts. 

According to Having It All: Girls and Financial Literacy, past research has suggested that girls have less confidence in their financial knowledge than boys.  To gain an understanding of the reasoning, the Girl Scout Research Institute (GSRI) conducted a nationwide survey of girls and their parents to better understand the confidence, attitudes and experiences behind girls and financial literacy.

Here are some of the key facts found from GSRI’s research:

  • Girls see little difference between genders when it comes to financial capability, with 7 in 10 saying that both men and women are equally likely to be financially responsible (73 percent) and a similar number saying that men and women are equally likely to be in a lot of debt (72 percent). (1)
  • Only 13 percent of girls believe that men are better with money than women (mirroring 13 percent of parents). Almost 8 in 10 (77 percent) say both men and women are likely to run a successful business. (1)
  • Only half (51 percent) of girls feel confident making financial decisions, with far fewer (12 percent) considering themselves very confident. (1)
  • Financial knowledge grows as girls get older.  14-17-year-olds are more likely to feel knowledgeable than their 11-13-year-old peers about things like how to pay bills (64 percent vs. 51 percent); how to establish good credit (52 percent vs. 40 percent); how credit card interest and fees work (44 percent vs. 31 percent); and what a 401K is (28 percent vs. 21 percent). (1)
  • 9 in 10 girls (90 percent) say it is important for them to learn how to manage money and 87 percent say that it is important to set financial goals. (1)
Having It All: Girls & Financial Literacy Infographic by Girl Scouts of the USA
Created By GSUSA

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