Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Girl Scout Leader Day and Volunteer Appreciation Week

For All Girl Scout Volunteers Do, Girl Scouts of Nassau County Thanks You!

 Every Volunteer Has a Story

The best part of having the best job in the world is that I am doing work that I know impacts girls who are growing each day in courage, confidence and character as they strive to make the world a better place .  

Another outstanding part of the job is that I get to share my joy and conviction with the seven thousand adult Girl Scout VOLUNTEERS who are the "feet on the street"; actually working directly with the girls, as well as those who do behind the scenes work to raise money, do paperwork, and just be helpers.  I see girls in programs and activities and I observe their joy, their curiosity and the learning and action that takes place as a result of their being part of the Girl Scout Leadership Experience ... I know that none of it would happen were it not for the boocoodles of time, energy and commitment given by the adults who VOLUNTEER for this job.

The hardest part of my job is finding enough ways to say THANK YOU to our volunteers.  I've been at this for a while now and THANK YOU is just not enough for all that our volunteers do.  Every volunteer has a story ...

Terri DellaVecchia , who was recognized by Girl Scouts of Nassau County  earlier this month for 70 years of service, said that she stepped forward when she was a senior in high school and someone asked for her to lead a Troop.  She's been Girl Scout strong ever since, incorporating Girl Scouting into the fabric of her life and that of her family.  THANK YOU, Terri, for your longevity, your service and your can-do approach!

When Super Storm Sandy hit Long Island last fall, some of our communities were harder hit than others.  When the Girl Scout Leaders in East Rockaway could not be reached by phone or email, Pat Hickey got out her Leader List and headed to East Rockaway to knock on doors and let those Leaders know that their Girl Scout sisters were there for them and to hear firsthand what help they needed. THANK YOU, Pat, for literally going the extra miles.

Mark Florio is an Eagle Scout, a Vice President of the GSNC Board of Directors, Chair of the Finance Committee, husband of a Girl Scout Leader, and the father of three daughters.  Mark receives all of the Council's monthly investment statements, he reads and analyzes them, and then prepares his own report to the Board.  Mark epitomizes fiduciary responsibility and leadership, and his work remains quietly in the background.  And when he first joined the Girl Scouts, he was a newlywed and none of his girls had been born yet!  THANK YOU, Mark, for sharing your brainpower and espousing continued stewardship of the Council's assets. 

Three  stories down and about 6997 to go ...  Every Leader, every Cookie Mom and Dad, everyone on the Service Teams, and those who do Outdoor Training, serve on Committees, do the work of governance, and lend their hands for events ... EVERY VOLUNTEER HAS A STORY ... Please share yours with us!

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