Friday, June 6, 2014

What Can a Girl Do... in Girl Scouting?

By Sharon Haley
Girl Scout Volunteer, Jericho/Syosset Association

Meet Georgia.  She is finishing her Junior year at Syosset High School. She began Daisy Girls Scouts in Kindergarten and continues today as an Ambassador Girl Scout who is working towards her Gold Award.  Additionally, Georgia is finishing her second year as the Jericho/Syosset Association's Girl Scout Cookie Chair.  She will continue in that position next year.  She was the Mags&Munchies chair for the 2013-2014 year and has committed to the position for 2014-2015.

What can a Girl do?  As Jericho/Syosset Association’s Cookie Manager, Georgia ran a $150,000 per year business. She ran training sessions for Adults. She arranged fulfillment of Troop orders at an outdoor site.  She organized personnel to assist at the drop site.  She provided phone support to Leaders, parents and girls and gave instructions for order placement on the E-Buddie website.  She assisted with collections.  She resolved order problems.  She helped Girl Scout Troops promote Cookies through social media and booth sales.

What can your girl do?  There are lots of leadership roles for girls in Girl Scouting, including being an Association or Troop Cookie Manager or Mags&Munchies Manager.  Jericho/Syosset Association has 3 girls who are Delegates who represented the Association at the Girls Scouts of Nassau County’s Annual Meeting. A Junior Troop wrote, planned and ran the Association’s 2013-2014 Bridging Ceremony.

Danielle, a Senior at Syosset High School and a Gold Award Recipient, represented Girl Scouts of Nassau County at Girl Scouts National Council Session and 52nd National Convention. It was an unforgettable experience for her to have so many Adults interested in her opinion on the issues being addressed at the Convention.

Where else, other than Girl Scouting, can a girl have the opportunity to experience, do and learn so much? And, with so many leadership opportunities for Middle and High School Girl Scouts, Girl Scouting continues to be important and relevant in our Community.

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