Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Celebrate the Summer in Nassau County

 Summer has officially arrived!

To celebrate the summer and the great outdoors, here are some great local (Nassau County, Long Island), outdoor places that we love to visit during our Girl Scouts of Nassau County programs:

Crossroads Farm at Grossmans – Located in Malverne, Crossroads farm has been the home of some of our Girl Scout Gardening activities. Because they grow a variety of fruits and vegetables for sale, Crossroads Farm at Grossmans will help those Girl Scout Seniors working on their Locavore Badge understand the process of how food gets to the dinner table.
Old Bethpage Village Restoration – This has been the site of the of GSNC’s Girls Go the Distance Walkathon and Activity Fair for the last couple of years… with pigs, chickens and more, this is a fun place to bring the kids. Take some time to walk through the village and see how things used to be. Old Bethpage Village Restoration is also the home of the Long Island Fair!

Bailey Arboretum – The location of GSNC’s Camper Badge program, "Between Earth and Sky", and the much anticipated" Survival Challenge" program, Bailey Arboretum is a beautiful place to explore. If you pay attention, you might even find a cork tree or a Dawn Redwood tree making it the perfect fit for those Cadettes who would like to work towards their Trees Badge.
Sagamore HillSagamore Hill was the home of Theodore Roosevelt, 26th President of the United States and GSNC’s "Wave the Flag" program, there are acres of land to explore at this historic landmark. The house may be closed for renovation, but the grounds around the home are still open making it a great place to explore, work on your Brownie Hiker Badge and walk in TR’s shoes.

Juliette Gordon Low Park in Lynbrook. This park is the result of Troop #2237's “Take Action” Project in which they cleaned up the lot of land and worked with their local community to have it dedicated and named for the founder of Girl Scouts.

Wantagh Park – Located right on the water in Wantagh, Wantagh Park is a great place to run around, have a picnic and watch the boats. Wantagh Park is also the home of GSNC’s Summer Fun Day Camp. (And they offer a great public swimming pool!)

Old Westbury Gardens – The location of GSNC programs like "My Family Story" and "Holiday Bliss," Old Westbury Gardens is just that… a garden filled with many beautiful and vibrant flowers making it a great place to work on a  Journey Flowers Badge.

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