Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Love Your Selfie!

"Love Your Selfie" Program at Girlz Talk

How many selfie’s are on your social media feed?  If you’re like many girls (and adults), probably a lot, but what exactly do they tell us about ourselves?

Girl Scouts of Nassau County explored this with a group of girls and moms on Mother’s Day Weekend at Girlz Talk, an event run by the Cedarmore Corporation.  What are some physical characteristics you love about yourself?  Which of your characteristics make you most self -conscious? Would other people agree with you?  These are some of the questions that were discussed.  After hearing a presentation from Carolina Torres, a professional model and GSNC volunteer, girls took pictures of themselves and wrote positive comments on each other’s pictures.  Some examples include, “Your smile makes me smile,” “I love your hair,” and “Natural beauty.” 

Over 200 girls and adults attended Girlz Talk, which was cosponsored by Hofstra, GSNC, and the District Attorney.  GSNC’s workshop was inspired by GSUSA’s collaboration with Dove. 


“Love Your Selfie” Activity

To do this “Love Your Selfie” activity with your Girl Scout Troop, you will need:
  • a printed out “selfie” of each of the Girl Scouts in your Troop
  • tape
  • post-it notes
  • pens or pencils.
  1. Tape each selfie to the wall.
  2. Provide each girl in your Girl Scout Troop with a post-it note pad and a pen or pencil.
  3. Using the post-its, have your Girl Scouts write positive comments for all of the pictures.
  4. When all girls have finished writing comments, have each girl find their own picture with the positive comments.
  5. Discuss! 

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