Tuesday, March 18, 2014

GSNC’s 22nd Annual Adult Recognitions Ceremony

On Sunday, Girl Scouts of Nassau County (GSNC) honored the Girl Scout Volunteers from Nassau County who were the recipients of the GSUSA’s Tenure Pin, GSUSA’s Years of Service Pin, GSUSA’s Thanks Badge, GSUSA’s Honor Pin, GSUSA’s Appreciation Pin, and GSNC’s Continuing Service Award at the 22nd Annual Adult Recognitions Ceremony. The Adult Recognitions Ceremony is a celebration of the dedication, support and commitment of the Adult Volunteers who make Girl Scouting possible.  Our Volunteers have found countless ways to help girls discover themselves and their values, connect with others in their schools and communities, and take action to make the world a better place.  It is because of our volunteers that girls have the leadership experience which builds courage, confidence, and character and turns them into the leaders of tomorrow. For this, we say Thank You!

Peggy Abad (70 Years Tenure, 55 Years Service)

Mildred Bogart (35 Years Tenure, 35 Years Service)

Valerie Logreira (35 Years Tenure)

Chris McCarthy (25 Year Tenure)

Lynora Conti (25 Year Tenure)

Kristine Lopez (25 Year Tenure)

Linda Wargo(25 Year Tenure)

Denise Voda

Debra Ieraci

Yvonne Mowatt

Melissa Connolly

Lisa Reichenberger

Yvette Gorman-Holmes

Chris Bonczyk

Charlene Heinl

Diane Hairston

Kerry Couture

Barbara Ann Keenan

Kristen Jendras

Laurie Oates

Janine Lane-Weeds

Cindy Philbin

Eileen Coyle-Ward

Susanne Morahan

June Holder-Lee

Tara Bowers

Basia Damsker

Christine Sostack

Erin Stark

Megan Stark

Jane Jauregui

Carol Hansen

Lisa Schafer Heuer

Toni Wilson

Antoinette Bellomo

Megan Maggio

Klavida Kreig

Susan Lier

Maria Mourelatos

Toni Crawley

Christine Pepe

Jean Geiger

Zara Freedman

Carol Cola

Dawn Kennedy

Francis Pecci

Maria Jones

Cris Cruz

Joanne McDonough

Christina D’Amico

Melanie Kelley

Lori Scotto

Elana Ramos

Donna Ricciuto

Beth Bacani

Donna Bye

Melissa Cairns

Joan Carter

Anna Clifford

Dorothy Rule

Julie Nietsch

Cynthia Gamble

Alexandra Browne-Martin

Elizabeth Stevens

Christina Blattberg

Laura Esposito

Valerie Mazzone

Laura Sikorski

Cindy Rainson

Jeanine Cohen

Ruth Reed

Lori Scotto

Susan Mc Millian

Tara Deller

Debora O’Connor

Jean Hamill

Betty Looney

Connie Star

Cindy Summer

Rita Freedman

Tracey Wargo

Ruth Reed

Jennifer Freedman

"Shoot for the Stars" Award

Port Washington


Rockville Centre

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