Tuesday, March 4, 2014

500+ Club

Last year, when I learned that one of the prizes for each girl who sold 500 boxes or more of Girl Scout Cookies was the opportunity to have dessert and their picture taken with me, I must confess that I burst out laughing!  Frankly, I was afraid that it might be seen as more of consolation prize than a reward, and it seemed a little conceited that people would think that the event was about me. [It is not!].  And I'll take a picture with any girl, regardless of her Cookie skills.  -- However, since I never shy away from dessert or a camera, I was ready to take on this new assignment!  Here is what I learned ...

First , anyone who knows me, knows that I LOVE MY JOB!!  Our work is important and it is FUN!!! I want people to really understand the impact and power that the words, actions and ideals of the Girl Scout Promise and Law can have on an individual girl, no matter her age.

Last year over 80 girls came out to the 500+ Club event. I had so much fun talking to the girls and their parents, hearing about the goals they set, giving out the rewards and having my picture taken about a jillion times. 

When I heard this fall that the Mags&Munchies high sellers were being invited to breakfast with me as part of their reward, I thought maybe we had taken this gig too far… who would come out on a cold Saturday morning in December?  But the promise of hard working girls got me up and moving that morning. Once again, I was surrounded by so many girls who were proud of their accomplishments and willing to share their moment in the spotlight with me. I was honored that they wanted to share their amazing accomplishments with me. 

Here I am with some of the members of the 2013 Mags&Munchies 100+ Club

I am looking forward to our next event for the 500+ Club. I'll be the one smiling at the camera and thanking each of those girls for their hard work and celebrating their accomplishments!  For me, it is all about the girls and being with the girls!

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