Friday, October 11, 2013

What is your Mags&Munchies Goal?

October is here, which means we are now in Mags&Munchies season. Before you work towards selling your magazines and candies, what is it that your Troop wants to do with the money earned from the sale? Do you want to go on a trip? Do you want to do a community service project? Sit down with the other girls in your Troop and discuss what activities you want to do and how much those activities will cost. This cost and the activity associated with it is your goal.  Use this Goal Planner worksheet if you need some help figuring out costs.

Once your Troop has come to a decision, plan a strategy to reach your goal! How many tins of candy does your Troop need to sell in order achieve your goal? How are you going to sell your candy and magazines? Who will your target customers be?

You now have a plan in place, so, start selling! Always remember to have a grownup with you when you are selling, wear your Girl Scout vest and never enter a home or vehicle. Be sure to follow the Girl Scout Safety Activity Checkpoints

Remember to track your progress so that you will always know how many more items are needed to reach your goal. 

Wow!! You’ve hit your GOAL!! Now it is time to celebrate your accomplishments with a well deserved pat on the back! You have earned enough for your activity.  Enjoy your it because you earned it yourself. 

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