Tuesday, October 15, 2013

October is National Bullying Prevention Month so Be a Friend First!!

October is National Bullying Prevention Month making it the perfect time to talk with other Girl Scouts about bullying! Here are some interesting statistics that you should sit and think about, absorb them, and discuss them… with others at home, at your Girl Scout meeting or even at school! 

Here are some facts provided from GSUSA's BFF Program regarding bullying:
·         85% of the time, when a girl is bullied, no one intervenes
·         6 out of 10 teens witness bullying at least once a day
·         57% of the time, when peers intervene, bullying stops within 10 seconds
·         41% of girls have stood up for someone being threatened, harassed, or bullied on a social networking site

How do these statistics make you feel? Does is make you want to do something to prevent bullying? Better yet, are you going to be the girl who will stand up for a friend who is being bullied? Would you want a BFF to Be a Friend First and stand up for you in a bullying situation? 

As Girl Scouts, we have this amazing power to do more for the community and to help people at all times.  Girl Scouts helps us build the courage, the confidence and the character to stand up… to make a change for the better. 

So, I put this out to you… how are you going to make a change? How are you going to work towards preventing bullying and being a friend first?

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