Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Spending the Day at Oktoberfest

When I was younger, I always remembered my mom, Troop leaders and other volunteers talking about their times at GSNC’s Oktoberfest weekend—the different themes each year, the camping and the weekend away. They always had fond memories and new skills to bring back to the Troop. I had always wanted to go!

Last October, after Oktoberfest took a year hiatus, I was finally able to experience Oktoberfest for myself. Because I was puppy-sitting, I was only able to go for the day, but when I arrived, there was non-stop chatter about the night before. There was anticipation in the air; both girls (because now older girls can attend Oktoberfest… not the case when I was a girl) and adults alike were excited to spend the weekend in tents with their friends, eating camp food and learning new and different skills that would  be offered through the many workshops that day.

Last year’s theme was Harry Potter, so some people were dressed in costume ready for their time at Hogwarts, while others wore their everyday clothes.  This year’s theme is Broadway at Blue Bay… I wonder what costumes people are going to wear this year?!?

Last year, I took the Scrap-booking workshop and the Paper Pinecone Ornament workshop and I got to bring my new  items home.  This year, I hope to attend the Melted Crayon Art workshop, 3D Origami Paper Flower workshop, and the Nautical Picture Frames workshop. As you can see, my favorite workshops are the ones where I get crafty, but there are other types of workshops as well, including Junior Girl Scouts from Beginning to End, From the SILVER to the GOLD to the TONY’s, Games and More Games, YIN/Restorative Yoga, Discussion of Major Pettigrew’s Last Stand by Helen Simonson and much more. Each Oktoberfest attendee gets to attend 4 workshops— 2 in the morning and 2 in the afternoon with Lunch served in between. There are many different workshops to choose among with a wide variety of themes and topics. 

Whether you spend the weekend or just the day, I hope that I get to meet you at this year’s 2013 Oktoberfest –Back to Broadway

Visit Oktoberfest 2013's webpage for complete program details>>

-Cassie, GSNC's Interactive Media Coordinator

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