Friday, August 2, 2013

National Sisters Day is August 4

Did you know that there is a whole day dedicated to sisters?  Even though we love and celebrate our sisters all year long, August 4 is National Sisters Day… so why not go an extra step to really celebrate the friendship and bond between sisters, including our Girl Scout Sisters!

Here are some ideas of ways to celebrate National Sisters Day:

  • Pick up the phone… call your sister and say “Hi” to her and wish her a Happy Sisters Day.

  • Make a homemade card or write a letter… Let your inner creativity shine by breaking out the magic markers and sparkles and making your sister a card. You can take it one step further by writing her a letter telling her why you appreciate her.

  • Get together with your Sister and watch old home videos or look through old pictures… This is a great way to remember the history that you and your sister share and to look back on some of your favorite memories together.

  • Spend the day together creating new memories… whether it’s just hanging out in the back yard or going out to lunch and a movie; spending time with your sister is a great way to honor the day.

  • Tell your mom, Troop leader or whoever introduced you to your sister, how much your sister means to you… Express your appreciation to the ones that created the foundation for your sisterhood.

  • Practice the Girl Scout Law with your Sisters… “be a sister to every Girl Scout.”

Whether you have a sister(s) by blood, a best friend who is just like a sister or a whole Girl Scout Troop filled with sisters, you and your sisters have a special bond… so celebrate it and cherish it!

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