Friday, August 9, 2013

My Experience as an Intern for GSNC

Back in May, I started interning with Girl Scouts of Nassau County in the Marketing department. From day one, I knew that the environment that I would be working in for the next few months would make for an extremely rewarding internship. Working with GSNC’s Marketing Department, I have been able to really expand my knowledge of what a marketing department might be responsible for, especially in a small business environment. In addition to doing communications and public relations outreach, I have been learning quite a bit about different software that can be used in both marketing and in graphic design. I have learned to work with multiple programs such as InDesign and Photoshop alongside programs for web management such as Contribute.

My tasks included a wide variety of things such as helping to organize and prepare for the 2013 Gold Award, creating blog posts, photography at Camp Blue Bay, along with other administrative tasks around the office. All of these tasks, no matter how big or small, gave me valuable knowledge and allowed for me to grow as a valuable asset with new skills.   

Aside from learning a tremendous amount, my internship with Girl Scouts of Nassau County has allowed me to make and establish connections that I otherwise would not have had. These connections were made within the Girl Scout council, as well as outside of the council at many meetings and workshops where was included in. I felt so honored to be asked to go along for the workshops I went to because it gave me a real hands-on experience that I know I won’t get anywhere else.

Now, no matter where the world takes me I will have Girl Scouts of Nassau County to thank for giving me such an incredible opportunity to showcase my knowledge of the field and take away new knowledge in it as well. 

-Paige D. , Former Intern with Girl Scouts of Nassau County  

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