Friday, July 19, 2013

Summer Fun Day Camp Campers add 45 Smiles to Summer of a Million Smiles Count!

It was definitely a day of smiles for the girls who attend GSNC Summer Fun Day Camp’s Sports Spree Games week. Today, 1-800-flowers’ Summer of a Million Smiles program and Paws Unite People joined together to visit the girls at the Summer Fun Day Camp at Wantagh. 

Paws Unite People taught the girls the basics of dog and cat care, like one of the most important parts of pet ownership is showing your pet love.  The grinning girls were then able to pet and play with the dogs that came to visit the campers…. This was definitely where the Summer of a Million Smiles team saw the most smiles.  At the end of the program, 1-800-flowers team members gave each of the girls Pup-cake in Bloom™ arrangement.

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