Friday, July 12, 2013

Building Build-a-Bear's for St. Mary’s Healthcare System By Keely B.

On Friday, July 12, Girl Scouts from GSNC’s Media Girl Unit attended Build-a-Bear Workshop’s Grand Reopening at Roosevelt Field Mall. While there, Girl Scouts built stuffed bears that would be donated to children at St. Mary’s Healthcare System for Children. Hear Junior Girl Scout Keely’s experience with building a bear for St. Mary’s. 

Today, I went to Build-a-Bear workshop with my Girl Scout friends for their Grand Reopening. I made a bear for St. Mary’s Healthcare System for Children. I hope that my bear makes them smile! 

This was my first time ever going to Build-a-Bear…I LOVED it. We got to chose a bear and add a heart to the bear. We made sure the bear was smart, strong and fast and was just like us! We then stuffed the bear at the stuffing machine. After the bear was stuffed, we washed the bear in the bath tub and then we dried it with the blow dryer. When we were all done, we hugged the bear and put it in the bin to donate to the kids at St. Mary’s.

I had a lot of fun because I was able to build a bear. I was happy that the bear I made would be given to another kid.
After making the bear for St. Mary's, I was able to make a Tae Kwon Do dog for myself, his name is WOOF.     

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