Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Girl Scout Gardeners at The Farm at Oyster Bay

Since 2009 GSNC Troops have been digging down, into the dirt as part of the Girl Scout Gardeners Program by at The Farm at Oyster Bay. Both girls and adults learn how food goes from seed to table. They plant seeds, weed, do pest control, and harvest the organic vegetables grown. Once harvested, all the produce gets donated to local food pantries. Last year, the farm donated over 1,200 lbs!

Here is a little salute of what is happening currently with the GS Gardeners at the Farm at Oyster Bay.

Hey Guys, 
Just wanted to share what I did at The Farm last week. Well first of all, I had an awesome time! The best part was when we were weeding; we had a competition, juniors (me) vs. daisies. The competition was whoever pulled the most weeds and made the largest 'weed pile' won. My 2 friends and I (the juniors) won. We also planted corn and pumpkin seeds. Afterwards, we went inside, drew pictures and wrote about what we did. We all got ice pops. Then sadly, we had to go home. I can't wait to go again! 
Troop 67  

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