Tuesday, March 5, 2013

The Complete Outfit Girl Scout Uniform Series: Girl Scout Brownie

What Does a Completed Girl Scout Uniform Consist of? The Complete Outfit Girl Scout Uniform Series Puts Together the Entire Girl Scout Brownie Ensemble!

Have you been wondering what uniform components your Girl Scout Brownie should have? Well, GSNC has decided to break down the uniform into the top 10 important uniform pieces for the complete “Brownie Look”. 

Top 10 Must Haves for a Girl Scout Brownie...

  1. Girl Scout Brownie Vest or Sash – The Brownie Vest or Brownie Sash allows Brownies to display all the badges they have earned.
  2. American Flag Patch – The American Flag Patch represents the United States of America flag.
  3. Brownie Council ID Strip - The council identification strip set shows that you are a member of GSNC and GSUSA.
  4. Brownie Troop Numerals - Brownie Girl Scout Troop Numbers are put together to form your full troop number.
  5. Brownie Insignia Tab - Official Girl Scout Brownie Insignia Tab is comes in yellow and holds the World Association Pin and the Brownie Girl Scout Membership Pin.
  6. World Association Pin - The World Trefoil Pin Shows that you are part of the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts.
  7. Brownie Girl Scout Membership Pin - This pin, worn only by Brownie Girl Scouts, shows that a girl is a Brownie Girl Scout.
  8. Brownie T-Shirt - The Brownie T-Shirt identifies a girl as a Brownie as a Girl Scout.
  9. Brownie Skort - Shorts and a Skirt all in one, this Brownie Brown skort allows Brownie Girl Scouts to run around outside and then have a tea party inside. It is the best of all worlds.
  10. Brownie Bow Headband - To keep a Brownies hair out of her eyes while she earns badges and participates in Brownie Activities.

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