Friday, March 29, 2013

Take Action Project v. Community Service

When I was a Girl Scout, working towards my Silver Award, I struggled with the idea of what was a good “Silver Award Project”.  Some of my friends wanted to work in a group and volunteer our time at a local animal shelter.  We all thought this was a great idea, but with direction from our Girl Scout Leader, we learned that just volunteering our time was not a Take Action Project. With guidance, we learned the difference between Community Service and Taking Action. - Cassie R.

Learn what the difference is between a Take Action Project and a Community Service Project in Girl Scouting.

Do you know the difference between a Take Action Project and a Community Service Project in Girl Scouting?  If you are planning to earn the Gold Award, Silver Award or Bronze Award, in the near future, it is important to know the difference between a the two types of service projects. Take a look:

Community service-comes from the heart

  • Service is a passive role where you help out on something that is already in place
  • Major decisions have been made and you are following some else's directions
  • Collecting and donating items -a onetime fix of a problem
  • Beautification and renovation without an educational or awareness raising component

Take Action project-comes from the heart, but uses the head to develop long lasting impact

  • Leadership puts girls in an active role of decision making
  • Girls create a Take Action project based on their observations of a local issue
  • Tackle the root cause of this issue to make a long lasting impact
  • Develop an understanding of sustainability and gain an understanding of the wider world by discussing how others may experience the same problem that their project helped resolve
  • Girls develop their leadership skills by exploring their community, brainstorming, planning, organizing, and putting their plan in motion

Click for some great examples Gold, Silver, or Bronze Award Projects from GSUSA’s Map It.  When you complete your Take Action Project, don’t forget to share.  

Still have questions about the difference between a Take Action Project and a Community Service Project, try attending one of Girl Scouts of Nassau County’s Take Action for Silver or Take Action for Gold  workshops (depending on which award you are working towards earning).

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