Friday, October 5, 2018

Troop Leader Tips: My Girl Scout Troop is Ready for its First Trip!

Girl Scouts are Going Places!

Trips are a GREAT way for your Girl Scouts to experience and learn. If you are taking your troop on a trip, you will need to follow some procedures.

Before you plan a trip, you will need to refer to the SAFETY ACTIVITY CHECKPOINTS and the VOLUNTEER ESSENTIALS which is necessary to ensure that the activity is consistent with GSNC Policies, Standards & Guidelines.

Now that your trip is planned a TRIP APPLICATION needs to be submitted to the Council. This fillable form will be submitted electronically to your Volunteer Experience Manager and a Service Team Member in your Service Unit. This form should be filled out at least two weeks prior to the trip or event. Please know that you will not be contacted unless the Trip Application is not approved. Leaders must be registered and background checked and the troop’s Tag-along Insurance must be up to date.

A PERMISSION FORM must be signed by the parent/guardian of any girl attending a Girl Scout trip. These signed permission forms should be in the possession of the adult who is in chaperoning the girl.

Most important HAVE FUN!

Please feel free to contact should you have any questions.

*All of these forms and documents can be found on the GSNC Forms and Documents library on our website.
**Please note, the trip application above is for Troop Leaders with Girl Scouts of Nassau County. If you are not a GSNC Troop Leader, please reach out to your council for troop trip procedures.

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