Monday, October 23, 2017

A Truly Sustainable Bronze Award

Girl Scout Junior Troop 3404 of the Plainedge Association received recognition for having earned their Bronze Award. They learned the value of public service announcements while working through the Agent of Change Journey. The Troop named their project Kind Kids Count because though memories may fade; they all agreed that they remember being treated with kindness in kindergarten.  

The girls created a PSA virtual tour of their school that included everything they wish they knew when they entered kindergarten; like how to use a lunch card, playground rules and what to do when you are not feeling well. Their virtual tour was added to the school website so that new students could view it repeatedly over the summer months. It was also shown at the kindergarten parent orientation meeting. The girls also created a coloring book that depicted the kindergarten experience. A copy of the book was mailed home by Principal Thearle of Charles E. Schwarting Elementary School, to every incoming student along with a parent orientation letter. The Troop donated cloth and colorable tote bags for each student to use to carry their library books. At the annual Sailing into Kindergarten Orientation event, the girls helped new students write their names on their bag and they answered all kinds of questions.

To make their project sustainable, the girls saved their PSA virtual tour and coloring book to a flash drive and gave it to Principal Thearle for future use. The night of the award ceremony, the girls were happily surprised to be greeted by Principal Thearle who personally thanked them for their contribution to the Schwarting school community and handed them their awards on stage. She also asked them if they would like to return in August to orientate another kindergarten class. The girls did not hesitate to say yes! The PTA has approved and paid for the bags this time around and Troop 3404 is looking for a younger Troop to mentor so that their Bronze Award is not only sustainable— but is a new tradition!

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