Monday, October 2, 2017

Celebrating 10 Years of Robotics!

It’s hard to believe that GSNC girls have been competing in US First Robotic Challenges for 10 years, but we reached that milestone this past season! The program we participate in is the FIRST Program. 

In the US teams from 50 states, and worldwide teams from 80+ countries, participate in this program. FIRST combines the engineering challenge of a robotic competition with real-world problem solving and inventing. Girls who participate in GSNC’s Robotics Program, develop and expand their organizational and problem solving skills, learn teamwork and cooperation and become involved in their local and global community.  They gain hands-on experience in applying real-world math, engineering, coding and science concepts while adhering to the philosophy of “Gracious Professionalism,” exhibiting helpfulness, kindness, and respect as they work, play, and share with others.

We have had three program levels throughout the years.  We started out with the FIRST® LEGO® League FLL) level, 9-14 years old, added FIRST® LEGO® League Jr. (FLL Jr.), 6-9 years old, and when our FLL girls aged out they wanted to continue so we started a FIRST® Tech Challenge (FTC) team for high school age girls!  Through the years our teams have won numerous awards (a lot!) and have gone to the School Business Partnership of LI, Inc. (SBPLI, Inc.) Championship Tournaments, the WORLD Festival in Atlanta, GA & St. Louis, MO and the FLL US Open at LEGOLAND, FL. 

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