Monday, April 18, 2016

Ways to Say "Thank You"

April is Volunteer Appreciation Month!

Showing appreciation for volunteers is a MUST. After all, our volunteers are ah-mazing and should be reminded of it not just this month, but every month!
They do it all for the girls and often work extra hours on top of busy schedules and hectic lives. We love them for it and, well, Girl Scouting wouldn’t be the same without them. Let’s be sure to shout it from the Girl Scout rooftops! We know that everyday little things to show appreciation can go a super-long way. So with your help, GSUSA compiled this list of fun and clever ways to say “Thank You.”
1. Send a homemade card
2. Have a party
3. Make a Troop memory book with each girl’s picture, favorite memory, etc.
4. Make a booklet of thank you pictures
5. Make a plaque
6. Call and say “Thank You!”
7. Give a plant
8. Send flowers
9. Nominate your Leader for a GSUSA adult recognition
10. Give a gift certificate
11. Write a poem or song
12. Make an audio or video recording of all the girls singing and/or each one saying “thank you” in her own way
13. Decorate a mess bag for your Leader
14. Compose a recipe book with contributions from all the girls in their own words and pictures- give it to your Leader with samples
15. Smile!
16. Put together a talent show to entertain your volunteers and parents
17. Host a picnic
18. Do something special for Leader Appreciation Day – April 22nd!
19. Send a handmade card, or create a scroll with a thank you proclamation signed by the whole group
20. Hold a recognitions ceremony at your Troop or Association

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