Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Why Serve on the Girl Scouts of Nassau County Board of Directors?

Girl Scouts of Nassau County has a fantastic group of Board Members who give of their time and expertise to serve in leadership roles that lead the governance of our organization. Each of them are leaders in their careers, in their families and in service to other community organizations. Here is what some of them said when asked “Why do you choose to volunteer for Girl Scouts of Nassau County?”

  • “Girl Scouts develops future leaders. Serving on the Board of Directors has helped me to make an impact on the community and leverage my network to support the Council. I get great satisfaction from meeting girls who are excited about the future and their own ability to lead. I tell my friends and family that I enjoy leading the Board and how important Girl Scouts is for our all of our children.”  - President and Chief Volunteer Officer Wanda Jackson
  • “Serving on the Board of Directors has helped me to establish partnerships between the North Shore-LIJ Health System and GSNC. Through this partnership, we have had the opportunity to develop programs to introduce girls to careers in STEM. I think Girl Scouts is the best way to assist young women in building the confidence needed to explore careers in STEM.”  - Vice President Deborah Schiff
  • “I want to be on the GSNC Board of Directors because what we do directly affects the positive growth of our county and the country’s future leaders. Educating girls at a young age to become leaders in their communities teaches them skills that will carry them far into the future. Making the process of learning and achieving results fun is the best way for people to learn and grow.”  -  Vice President Brian Rothschild
  • “I want to be a member of the GSNC Board to help, assist and improve the lives of girls in Nassau County. This is a unique opportunity to build a better place for girls to thrive in this constantly changing world.” - Member-at-Large Carol Ransom 
  • “My biggest satisfaction from serving on the Girl Scouts of Nassau County Board of Directors is knowing that I am helping make a difference in the lives of girls and investing in our country's future. Girls and women now represent more than 50% of our country's population.  Girls of courage, confidence and character will help this nation soar.” - Member-at-Large Joanne Antun  
  • “My biggest satisfaction in serving on the GSNC Board of Directors is being able to represent my company, AT&T, and provide girls in urban/suburban Nassau County the opportunity to be exposed to different career paths in STEM. There is a need for more women to become scientists, engineers, architects and doctors, just to name a few. Through AT&T’s generous sponsorship of $20K the past two years, if we are able to impact one young woman, then it’s worth the investment.” - Member-at-Large Brandon Ray 
  •  “I believe in the Girl Scout mission of developing girls into strong, confident and compassionate young women who will become our future leaders.” - Member-at-Large Beth Meixner
  •  “I want to be on the Board of Directors as a testament to the organization whose mission is to empower girls. As a Board Member and an active Girl Scout for the past 13 years, I represent the girls and make sure this organization is able to continue to empower them, just like it has done for me!” - Member-at-Large Christina Mendoza 
  • “I saw an opportunity to be part of an organization that is much bigger than myself, and I can give back to the community. I find satisfaction knowing that the decisions the Board makes will help enhance the experience of the girls who join Girl Scouts of Nassau County.”  - Member-at-Large Erica Rice
  • “I believe in the Girl Scout mission and witnessed its growth in my daughter, who earned her Gold Award in 2012. Serving on the Board allows me to use my clinical and leadership skills to promote the organization and the girls it serves.” - Member-at-Large Barbara Murphy Schwaner 
  • “I want to serve on the GSNC Board of Directors because I owe much of accomplishments in life to the great mentors who encouraged me and supported me since I was a child. GSNC helps girls to focus and develop their potential, while building strong self-esteem.” - Member-at-Large Irene Villacci
  • “When I tell my family/friends/colleagues that I am a member of the Girl Scouts of Nassau County Board of Directors, I let them know that in addition to serving as a Superintendent of Schools in Nassau County, I have another golden opportunity to join like-minded individuals who are determined to leave a legacy of leadership, learning and building relationships.” - Member-at-Large Dr. Deborah Wortham

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