Friday, July 3, 2015

Where will Flat Juliette be this summer? ~ Jessica Avenia

This summer, the Girl Scouts of Nassau County are sharing their adventures with friends, family and, of course, our very own Flat Juliette. But who is Flat Juliette? Our Flat Juliette project allows Girl Scouts to get to know our amazing founder, Juliette Gordon Low, while having fun and enjoying their summer activities. Girls can create paper “Flat Juliette’s” and take pictures with their new pal to document her travels.

So, where will we find Flat Juliette this summer? As a true Girls Scout, she loves to explore, meet new people and, above all, have fun. If you take her with you, make sure to take lots of pictures and send them to your friends and family along with the cut out piece of Flat Juliette. She will continue to travel with them and you’ll be amazed to see where she might end up. She could visit grandparents, cousins, meet community leaders, teachers, other Girl Scout troops, celebrities and entertainers, or even travel to another country.  There are countless adventures for Flat Juliette. Create a scrapbook and chronicle her travels all through the summer. Whether she is at a pool party or an exotic land, Flat Juliette is always set to enjoy the ride our Girl Scouts send her on.

Flat Juliette is waiting to go on this fun and exciting journey with you. Simply download the print out sheet of Flat Juliette, print it on cardstock, color her in, and cut her out. She’ll be ready at once and will be thrilled to join you this summer.

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