Friday, May 1, 2015

What NOT To Do for the Girl Scout Bronze Award

The Bronze Award is earned by completing a Take Action Project, where you discover an issue or need in your community that you work on to improve. 

Here is a great list of "what NOT to do for the Girl Scout Bronze Award":
Don’t set up a project where you show no leadership. Each girl must take on a role in the Bronze Award project to make it happen.

Don’t set up a project without a team, just working by yourself or just you and your parents.
Bronze Award projects are team projects. If you do not have a troop team available to you, develop a team with friends your own age in your neighborhood. They would have the option to join Girl Scouting and earn the award themselves.

Don’t put together a project that is a fundraiser to donate money to an organization.
This is not allowed for the Girl Scout Bronze Award. Have your mom or Girl Scout Leader call Council for you to ask questions. This is your project and not your mom’s or your Troop Leader’s. Show your leadership skills by making that contact yourself. You can email Patte Conway questions at  

Don’t plan a project that is less than 20 hours per girl minimum.
Bronze Award projects are targeted at 20 hours per girl and you must plan for that amount. The 20 hours include all that you do in the Girl Scout Bronze Award Guideline to come up with your project idea.

Don’t plan a project that is just collecting and donating items to an organization.
Collecting and donating is a great SERVICE project but it is not to be used for the Bronze Award Take Action Project.

Don’t find a project online that someone else did and copy it.
You should be finding a problem in your neighborhood that needs fixing and developing your own project to fix it.

Don’t put a few small projects together to make up the hours.
The Bronze Award is one complete project not a set of smaller projects combined.

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