Friday, May 29, 2015

Our Bronze Award... If you are thirsty your dog is too!

Plainedge Girl Scout Junior Troop #3456 started their Bronze Award project in June of 2013. Krystyna, Erica, Jessica, Sarah, Julia, Gianna, Natalia and Jacklyn decided that they wanted to positively impact the lives of animals. After much research, the girls decided to focus on making the world a better place for dogs. They wanted to permanently place water bowls in dog parks for people who forget to bring water for their dogs. They met with the owners of Marine Dog Supply. The Amato brothers helped the girls think their project through during a lively discussion. After evaluating the pros and cons of their idea, they decided that public water bowls may spread diseases.

The girls hit the road again. Their next field trip was to the Last Hope Animal Shelter. There they learned that different breeds face different issues. For example, because of the facial structure of Pugs they take a very long time to drink a very small amount of water therefore requiring more frequent opportunities to drink. Dogs like this can and do die from dehydration.

Their new direction became clear when they came up with a slogan---If you are thirsty your dog is too! Troop 3456 prides itself on communicating serious messages effectively with simple, light hearted logic. The girls wrote to the Town of Oyster Bay Parks and Recreation Department. Their response was that of true animal lovers. They donated two banners and televised the banner hanging ceremony in April 2014. Their banners hang in the dog sections of the Massapequa Bark Park.

The girls secured PETCO as a sponsor after numerous e-mails and applications. PETCO emailed a gift card to purchase portable water devices for dogs along with a thoughtful note of support.

You may be wondering why the girls wanted portable watering dispensers? They ran educational booths at Marine Dog Supply and the Massapequa Bark Park. They showed people the products available to make hydrating dogs easy and routine. They also designed and researched their own animal care pamphlet.

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